Saturday 5 December 2015

Smartphone Connected to the Best Mobile Network

Mobile Internet use has surged in the last four years to surpass online browsing from personal computers. So it makes sense that modern cyber criminals are turning their attention to mobile malware. Given the risk it poses to the security of your mobile device, you should too.

Mobile malware describes malicious software designed to impact cell phones and tablets. It can take many forms, including spyware, ransomware, adware, and Trojans, which infiltrate mobile devices via their Internet browsers or application stores. IT security firm Sophos says that nearly all mobile malware aims to make money, so cybercriminals aren’t just targeting the devices of mobile users; they’re also targeting their wallets.

But there are ways to keep your mobile device safe, whether it’s a tablet using a Wi-Fi hotspot or a smartphone connected to the T-Mobile network. As this infographic explains, keeping your mobile device and software up-to-date, only installing apps from trusted sources, checking app permission lists, and only clicking on links in secure browsers can minimize the risks of malware infection. Antivirus apps can also protect your device from threats. Despite their effectiveness, it’s troubling to note that, according to research firm IDC, just 5 percent of smartphones and tablets have any kind of antivirus application installed.

Approximately 16 million mobile devices were attacked by mobile malware in 2014, up 75 percent from 2013. We can only guess how many mobile users will become mobile malware victims this year. But there is hope. This informative infographic will help you remove any mobile malware that’s infected your device. Follow the advice in this step-by-step guide carefully to remove the malicious software before it can damage your device and compromise your security. Then make sure to adopt the techniques suggested to keep your mobile device safe and prevent reinfection.

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