Wednesday 23 December 2015

Java Developers Can Dish Out Tastier Web Apps with JSweet

Java developers get a sweet treat this Christmas by the launch of the JSweet via open source. JSweet will the java developers in utilizing their Java skills for building much better and highly interactive and rich Web Apps with JSweet. This particular technology ‘transpiles’ from Java programming language to TypeScript and finally into JavaScript. TypeScript is essentially a Microsoft technology, which compiles programming codes into JavaScript. JSweet has been developed by a Paris based software engineering company, Chincheo, which aimed at making the life of Java bit fun and easier in building Web apps.

Thought behind developing JSweet

Cincheo CEO Renauld Pawlak has shed some light behind the reasons for developing JSweet. He stated that in last couple of years TypeScript found widespread usage as it helped in transpiling to JavaScript in an efficient fashion. Java developer were longing for a light and simple approach which can help in designing the Web application in Java with similar efficiency. Most of the developers were frustrated with the idea of running everything in Java on a JRE. While a large number of developers were impressed with what can achieved with distinction through using TypeScript/JavaScript on the front end.

JSweet thus helps in offering a light and simple solution for adding bits of Java syntax to TypeScript. It is a great alternative to the Java developers for developing real Web application with ease.

Java still a great language for developing various apps and programs

Java has been known to cause confusion with its elaborate and complex syntax and functions, which led to the rise in adoption of other coding languages. But Pawlak still considers the Java as a good platform and safer language for the programmers to develop more powerful and rich apps. Java still retains its supremacy in developing efficient and scalable large complex applications than any other language.

JSweet has also made the accommodation for Node.js, which is a popular server side JavaScript platform. Pawlak ahs elaborated that JSweet works in same tandem with Node.js as TypeScript does but the difference is that it adds types. It is a small but quite an interesting difference which it a more transparent way of handling commonjs module for the java programmers.

The benefits and difficulty associated with JSweet

JSweet comes with pre defined @Module annotation, which can be generated automatically when a programmer makes use of the APIs. Here a programmer is just required to import the right packages and that also without the need of knowing all about JavaScript modules.

JSweet is designed to cross validate the Java Programs and the Java API with TypeScript. It also has a JSweet API translator Tool which can make JavaScript APIs available in Java. But Pawlak has the cautioned the programmers from making its wider usage as there are few issues with this technology which needs to be remedied. Pawlak has also asked the Java developer to remain open minded while programming with JSweet as they have to do away with some Java logic.

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