Friday 25 December 2015

HoloLens: A Tour of Microsoft's New Developer Showcase

Virtual and augmented reality is relatively new and highly domain for major tech players to try their hands and stand out with remarkable products. Microsoft has shown a serious attitude to the virtual reality by developing a formidable and remarkable virtual reality device called HoloLens. HoloLens takes the virtual rending to a next level where one is not even required to wear goggles as HoloLens throws 3D simulations of holographic style experiences.

Many companies are gearing up to launch the first phase of VR devices by themed-2016 but Microsoft’s incredible HoloLens won’t be up for consumer sale for quite some time. Microsoft is planning to launch a $3000 developer edition of HoloLens next year. Here are some of the remarkable features of Microsoft’s HoloLens, which has been shown through demos.

Microsoft tryst with first demo HoloLens Game

Microsoft has first launched a HoloLens based game called Project X-Ray last year at the E3 video game expo. This HoloLens game came with a HoloLens headset, which scans the room with its 3D camera, and a host of glowing-ghost robo scorpions and drones starts to burst from the wall. A player is required to shoot these robo-scorpions with a head-mounted blaster. This particularly relies on the Xbox controller to showcase how the game can work in physical places.

Microsoft demo of second exciting HoloLens game

Microsoft showed the second demo for its HoloStudio which shows how the 3D designer can be created and done with the use of HoloLens in an exciting energetic manner. Herein one is required to simply open a virtual paint box and place it against the wall with the hell of finger. Users can pick up some models like island lagoon or X Wing fighter jet and starts painting with glowing colors just by waving the finger in the air. After playing with the 3D models one can even send the work to SketchFab for further sharing and changes. Microsoft is planning to bring support for the SketchFab with the HoloLens development kit next year. 3D models will even be printable in future with the help of 3D printers out.

Microsoft third demo brings holographic storytelling

Microsoft third demo brings the much captivating ‘holographic storytelling’ feature. The holographic storytelling essentially demonstrates how businesses, sales teams and other professionals can utilize HoloLens for building new ideas. In the demo Microsoft showed a glowing Swiss Smartwatch materialize on a square table in front of the public. Microsoft asserted that similar awe aspiring and captivating display can be used in the store which will lend a futuristic appeal to the audiences. The watch rendered by the HoloLens looked extremely alive, with impressive graphics and it almost seemed ticking like a real watch.

This futuristic display like features comes with a PowerPoint like deck control, which helps in editing the presentations along with adding new features. An analysis of glowing heat map shows a presenters details regarding the projection where people are most concentrating while watching the holographic and display and it also guides in added new details to capture interest to other parts.

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