Monday 21 December 2015

Google Brings Project Fi Data Service to iPads, Nexus and Galaxy Tablets

Project Fi
Google has unrelieved its Project Fi service quite a while back in order to offer a carrier like option and benefits to its users. Project Fi gained popularity for its ‘pay what you use’ mantra, which was available to only few devices. Now Google has brought its efficient Project Fi to a larger group of devices which at the moment is limited to five tablets but Google has maintained any tablet equipped with radio compatible T-Mobile’s network will work with it efficiently. The first four supported tablets include the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Tab S, Nexus 7 and Nexus 9.

What is Project Fi? 

If you are wondering what is Project Fi then it can be stated as a prepaid phone carrier offering from Google. It works by providing mobile data service on two mobile networks which any phone can switch automatically as per the use. It even makes use of WiFi for making calls, sending texts whenever it is available. Project Fi is essentially a prepaid carrier wherein consumers are to pay up front for the service, which is quite opposite to traditional carrier, which bills consumers after using the service. Project Fi works with a special SIM card and it requires a little software on user’s phone, which will help in authenticating both T Mobile and Sprint carriers.

How to get the Project Fi? 

Project Fi customers can order a data only SIM card by going to their account page. In the Project Fi there is no charge levied on the card and data usage is billed on the standard rate of service which is $10 per GB during the billing cycle.

It is worth mentioning that the data usage for the tablet simply shares the same billing account as standard voice, text and data plane in Project Fi. It even allows users to see the data usage for tablets each month separately from the data usage on phone. And the best feature about Project Fi is that just like the phone service if you don’t use full data allotment on tablet then you won’t be paying for it. Google happens to credit Project Fi accounts monthly, which in essence means you, are only paying for what you use.

Benefits of opting for the Project Fi

Some of the Project Fi users love the data only SIM offering. User can use their phone with Project Fi SIM to tether a tablet over WiFi. In case the battery dies, the tablet will cease to have any mobile broadband connection. People who have to travel a lot appreciate this new SIM card as it provides data in more than 120 countries all round the globe.

There is a small limitation in Project Fi data service, which is Google, only allows 9 data specific SIM cars on each FI account. It won’t be an issue unless you are carrying 10 devices with yourself. Google has brought the Project Fi service both the popular mobile platform of Android and iOS and you make most of it on your tablet with style.

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