Monday, 21 December 2015

Facebook Claims Future As It Builds On Chinese Rivals

Facebook doesn’t seem to sit back even after becoming the de facto social media giant in terms of daily active users and incredible reach round the globe. Facebook once again takes the world by storm by announcing its new feature for the Messenger users where they can order an Uber car from the Messenger app itself. Facebook has turned its simple messaging client into a wholesome platform and it is pushing it hard to be seen as a leader in the West.

How Messenger became a platform? 

The platform and its definitions have been heard since the inception of internet. First we have had CPU where operating system platform was heard, then Linux development brought the platform of kernerl and later on we were enveloped by the web as platform for the enterprise and finally even the web browser became a dominant platform in itself with the development of Chromebook. Facebook and some other websites are even proclaiming them to be a platform with various benefits and features.

Facebook has gradually worked and developed the Messenger to such a point where it is being pushed forward as a platform. The move of Facebook and Uber coming together on a single platform i.e. Messenger is interesting and it showcases the Messenger capabilities and might even help in making a dominant platform. But Facebook IM client-Messenger is not alone there are a lot of competition in Silicon Valley with players like WhatsApp, Apple Messages and Skype which offers more features, services and benefits as a platform.

Facebook takes the Chinese rivals head on

It will come as surprise for the consumers in west that Facebook and Silicon Valley is rather behind the curve on the idea of ‘’messaging as a platform”. China has been a remarkable force in the hardware production they have taken a huge leap in the ‘messaging as a platform’ by working on developer outreach, user education along with the commercial implementation and mass-market adoption. It was the China’s TenCent’s WeChat which came first as successful platform in messaging by offering voice and text messaging along with ability to purchase good and pay for various services. WeChat also allows a number of services to run on the top of the messaging app which makes it easier for the customers, clients and other businesses to interact with each other.

Messenger as a platform is soon to rise to the challenge

Facebook’s decision of allowing people to order an Uber cab via its Messenger opens up the idea of utilizing it as a platform on larger level. But competition will reach out to Facebook soon as other Silicon Valley companies are gearing up to allow running of more services on top of the messaging app. There is one distinct advantage which Facebook has over Chinese rivals that is Chinese platforms are mostly resting to China only which gives Facebook a whole world to try push its Messenger as a platform.

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