Thursday 24 December 2015

World's First Brain-Powered Car Being Developed


Car Controlled Through Brain Signals of Driver

Automotive companies such as Nissan, Tesla and Toyota have informed that self-driving cars are likely to show up soon though it may not be the only futuristic automotive tech coming up. According to a report, at China’s Nankai University, a team have created a prototype of a car which is controlled through brain signals of the driver.

 According to the publication, the team have been working on a technology utilising brain signals in order to control a car to stop, move forward, backward, lock or unlock. One of the project researchers, Zhang Zhao had explained that the headgear contains around 16 electroencephalogram – EEG sensors which tend to identify the activity of the brain that is worn by the driver.

They have developed a computer program which tends to select the related signals, translating them inthe control of the car. The computer tends to examine and decode brain signals and translate the same to the relevant automotive commands. Zhang has informed that the `tester’s EEG signals picked up by the brain signal reading equipment and transmits wirelessly to the computer.

The computer processes the signals to sort and recognize the intention of the person and translate them in controlling the car. The central point of the whole procedure is to process the EEG signals which are done by the computer.

Self-Driving Cars Soon a Reality for Consumers

Improvement in the field of consumer vehicles is great with the company at a point of delivering partly autonomous cars. After several years of testing out the technology, Google has exposed its intentions of releasing smart automobiles within the next five years which is also supported by Toyota as well as Nissan.

They have both fixed 2020 as the year wherein self-driving cars would begin to be a reality for their consumers. The technology is said to be in progress wherein the researchers are at the stage where their cars which has been provided by Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors, could drive in a straight line with the use of brain power.

 The project is led by Dang Feng, associate Professor from the university’s College of Computer and Control Engineering. He highlighted that the technology is focused on serving human beings and there could be a possibility of combining brain controlled technology as well as driverless cars, like Google Self Driving Car – SDC.

Driving Method without Use of Hands/Feet for Disabled

He adds that driverless cars’ further improvement could bring about additional benefits since we can realise functions relating to brain controlling better, with the aid of the driverless cars’ platform. In the end, cars, irrespective of driverless or not and machines, would be serving people. In the project, it makes the cars better serving human beings.

The brain fuelled automotive project materialised from the desire to help physically handicapped people to drive, according to Duan Feng, an associate professor and project leader. There are two starting point of this project where the first one is in the provision of a driving method without the use of hands or feet for the disabled who may be unable to move freely while the second is to provide healthy person with a new and much more intellectualized driving mode according to Zhang. As per the team it is said that presently there are no plans to mass-produce the technology.

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