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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Leak Shows Lot of Compromises

Samsung Galaxy S8

New Leak: Samsung Galaxy S8, shows a lot of compromises

The next Samsung top model Galaxy S8 will come in two versions, but this does not affect the edge of the screen. After some leaks in the past days and weeks, the two S8 variants comes together.

At the Mobile World Congress last week, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the large version Galaxy S8 +, yet the next flagship of the Koreans is the theme of the hour. If you are interested in the MWC, please contact us.

Fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S8

The goal is to integrate the fingerprint into the display. Samsung's decision to relocate the fingerprint sensor to the back of the device with its upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8 has not caused much joy for a number of users. The solution, which is also preferred by the company, but technically did not manage.

"Samsung has put a lot of resources into the technology presented by Fingerprint specialist Synaptics last year, but the results were frustrating," South Korean economic magazine The investor cited to the informed source. The result is the displacement of the sensor on the backside next to the camera.

5.7 and 6.2 inches

Now you can still sleep your curiosity in terms of the sizes of the two S8 models, because on the side SlashLeaks (via The Verge) a picture has appeared, which shows the two smartphones side by side. The smaller is, of course, the conventional Galaxy S8, which brings a 5.7-inch screen, next to the 6.2-inch version can be seen.

The data on the two screens are unconfirmed, but it is apparent that customers will actually get a lot of display for their money. Because 5.7 inches is diagonal, which was previously reserved for the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Source of the current Leaks is a manufacturer of screen protectors. Technical data, the current Leak has not been tested yet.

Samsung will offer a Snapdragon 835 or an Exynos 9 Series 8895, depending on the market, as a chipset. In addition, four gigabytes of RAM and a QHD display with an (unusual) aspect ratio of 18.5: 9.
Chance for Apple

Synaptics had officially launched its on-screen technology last December. This should not have been too late. But the process suggests that the supplier leaned too far out of the window and the technology could not meet the quality requirements of Samsung.

This is, of course, the chance for Apple to grab. The competitor is also in charge of the device. Until the presentation of the next Apple smartphones goes so a few months into the country, which can be of course decisive, in order to get quality necessary for a market maturity of the technology.

Monday, 8 May 2017

How To Take Better Screenshots On The Samsung Galaxy S8

screen shot

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facilitates A New Way Of Taking Screenshots

Android phone is chastising the entire world with it reverberating features. Android with its every updated version provides panoramic opportunities to its users. The most enticing feature that is tempting every smartphone user to switch from google induced smartphone to an Android phone is the facility to take screenshots. Adding the feature of screenshot on Android phone is not a new introduction. All android supported device after upgrading to 4.0 version and after grants this feature to its customers.

Samsung which is the ultimate brand of smartphones after iPhone that has enabled every people from all strata of the society to have the privilege of using smartphones has already ingrained the facility of screenshot before every android induced phone had imbibed it, so in order to add a new dimension to this feature Samsung has explored every bit of it so that this feature turns out to be more inviting to all the smartphone seekers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has taken the feature of screenshots to a different level and Samsung has surpassed every challenge to make screenshot even more interesting. The way in which one used to take regular screenshots on their Galaxy S7 has been changed in comparison to the way in which one can take screenshot in Samsung 8.

The use of physical home button is no longer predominant and hence Samsung is now applying the same process that is used in other Android devices to take screenshot, i.e. by holding on to power and volume button simultaneously in order to take the screenshot or you can also take a screenshot by swiping inward from either side of the screen with the edge of your hand.This is a very simple and easy method of taking a screenshot and Samsung has acted very smartly to keep the procedure unchanged in GS8 like that in GS7, so avoid all sorts of confusion.

After you have captured the screenshot, a preview image opens up at the lower right corner of the screen and along with it you will find that a tool bar has also appeared. With the help of the tool bar you can draw as per your preference on the screenshot, you can also crop the image or can share it right from there instead of incurring any further step to share the image.

You will get an another option which is known as scroll capture and this options helps you by forbidding you to save while you are intending to take several screenshots to be able to take all the screenshot to capture the information in a vertical list. To make it more simple you are just required to hold the button and the phone automatically scrolls down a single screen and captures the different image. You can continue to hold and scroll down, until you have captured all that you wanted to and Samsung Galaxy S8tucks in together all the images into a single image which you can utilize the way you choose to.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Samsung Set To Remove Headphone Jack on Galaxy S8

It was a big surprise, as well as, made some hue and cry when iPhone have decided to take away the facility of the headphone jack of the iPhone and replacing the same with the headphones, which is connected to the charging port of the handset. While this has created lots of controversies, among the users; it has ridiculously described this awful act or move as a very courageous act. Now it appears that Samsung, the well-known competitor of the Apple, is trying to toeing almost the same line of action and might be removing the 3.5 mm audio port from their flagship set, the very rich Galaxy S8, which has already created some sorts of speculations.

According to industry insider; the most eminent set Galaxy S8 will be made public at the trade show of Mobile World Congress on February in 2017. Most importantly this specific Galaxy S8 phone will come with the unique provision of audio port, using the charging port of the same phone, which will be the exact replica of the action of iPhone 7. This means that users have to listen to the audio impact, either using an adaptor or by using the wireless headphones or with the help of specialized headphone that is connected to the charging port.

Important Issues

This aforementioned facility in Galaxy S8 will not allow the user to do the dual work of charging and listening to songs at a time, as the port of is same, therefore; it can only be done, if there is another external type separate adapter, which is having at least two ports. But it could be a little bit easier for the user of Galaxy S8, compared to iPhone 7 users, as the former will be having the facility of wireless charging, which will replenish the exhausted battery if that placed on the pad.

While the iPhone 7 is lacking a headphone jack, which had raised lots of eyebrows at the time of introduction, but after several weeks of use of this phone has become almost a non-issue for its potential users.

It can be noted that the absence of the extra port in Galaxy S8 allows the company, i.e., Apple to increase the size of the battery; it has improved the vibration feedback of the phone and make the set water resistant, which is considered as great advantages for any phone. It is quite evident that the Samsung will be following the footstep of the iPhone and get rids of the audio jack, which may make the phone a bit thinner than its predecessor.

Final Words

SamMobile has also reported that Samsung will be having stereo speakers in the Galaxy S8, which will improve the external quality of the audio output. It is also claimed that Samsung will remove the home button from the upcoming Galaxy S8 and replaced with a fingerprint sensor implanted in the unique display.

These unique provisions, in association with the curved screen of the device, will be covering the entire fa├žade of the device; a design concept that may be considered by Apple in their upcoming iPhone 8.