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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Samsung Unveils “The Wall,” the World’s First Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV

The Wall
One of the products that would stop you in your tracks this time around in the CES is Samsung’s The Wall TV. This has merely nothing to do with its 146 inch size but also it’s amazing quality of images which is bound to stop anyone and draw their attention.

The Wall’s rich colors, insanely bright pictures and sharp images puts any other Television out there as a mere screen with nothing much to offer.

The Wall and its Micro Led Tech:

For some you see one Television you feel like you’ve seen them all. I mean what more can a TV offer? Well Samsung has proved that a TV can do much more with it’s “The Wall”. The Wall’s micro led feature, as Samsung like to call this new form of tech, is something that separates this TV from the rest.

Micro led or in other words self –emissive LCD is a tech where 3840 by 2160 liquid crystals all generate their own color and light. What separates the Wall from the rest is that there are no longer pixels that have to share a light emitting from an external backlight.

Ok you might say that OLED can already do this but with the Wall and micro led tech, the bright pixels and dark pixels go together without any bleed and what’s more is that the colors are even more brighter and vibrant with the micro LED tech than what any OLED TV would be able to achieve.

“Modular Design” in The Wall:

Coming to the screen itself in The Wall, is not actually a single screen but rows and rows of pixel blocks that come together in a way that can be used in screens of any size maybe even bigger than 146 inches.

Planning to buy the Wall for your Home? You might want to look at this:

One of the main concerns when looking at the wall at close range is that you would notice the seams in the pixel blocks when a darker picture is shown. While from far there is not much you can see by way of the seams, the closer and darker the picture gets you can see through the seams in the so called modular design. Brighter imagery again covers up those seams.

Another issue that comes to mind when looking at the The Wall screen is that it’s lesser than smooth finish slightly reflects light from surrounding areas.

The next issue is the price, having a screen with micro led tech and a whole other lot going on is not going to come cheap to anyone’s bank account even if you do get the wall in a smaller size.

Quality of Pictures on The Wall:

It goes without saying, but in such a huge TV with micro led tech where each pixel gives off their own color and with insanely bright imagery, the picture quality on the Wall is better than good.

In spite of its largeness the Wall affords pretty sharp imagery, it makes you wonder what it can do with 8K resolution than the 4K it comes with.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Top 5 qualities of a great Smart TV

Smart TV
Smart Technology” is an interesting technology that has been infiltrating into human life and contributes to the welfare and development of human society. Smart technology creates a new environment that is pleasing and more comfortable to every human being.

In the earlier days, phones were used only for talking purpose. Smart phones help you to anything within your hands. Similarly smart Televisions have created a great impact in our lives. The slim size and large screen provides a feeling of watching a movie in the theatre. And not to mention its HD picture Quality adds a feather to its cap.

Seeing a Smart TV ad makes you to buy one right? You would’ve been in awe when they explain the features in it. You might of even having one while you see those kinda Ads.

If you’re interested in buying a smart TV then this article might assist you. Buy any Smart TV from any company you wish coz I’m not gonna mention the company names. This article doesn’t do marketing for any company. There may be a variety of smart TV’s such as HDTV, 3DTV but lemme list you the 5 basic qualities that you should remember while buying any smart TV.

1. Resolution: 

Resolution means picture quality. For this purpose smart TV’s use crystal clear LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) and LED displays. All smart TV’s possess the quality of High Definition (HD). LCD screens were first used in smart TV’s since they added HD technology to pictures.

Later LED displays are more effective when it comes to resolution compared to LCD displays. This uses LED lights and had more advantages compared to LCD’s.

Moreover LED displays are eye-pleasing than LCD’s. Has the best color reproducibility with great contrast settings. Settings can be adjusted to movie quality too.

2. Salient Features: 

Salient features differ for each and every smart TV but fundamentally all smart TV has features like connecting Laptops, pen-drives, memory cards. These provide smart functionality hence the name.
It’s different than conventional TV’s existing from the decades in size too. Its slim and big screen are best suited for movies and it does not occupy too much of space too. It can be fitted on walls to for our convenience purpose.

3. Unique features:

Additionally each product has its own unique feature. For e.g. Sony Bravia has high efficient 4K speakers. Accessories are also present for each TV. 3D TV’s provide 3D effect. Some TV’s go green by emitting less radiation.

Moreover Internet can be accessed similar to a computer.

4. Sound quality: 

Sound quality of smart TV’s has been improved like the picture resolution. Stereo sound accompanying high quality resolution image pleases the watcher. The effect will be similar in watching a movie in a theatre.
The TV’s also possess sound settings where we can change it and adjust to any Mode. For e.g. Movie mode, Standard mode etc. are available in all TV’s.

5. Services/Warranty: 

Choose the best company that provides the best warranty and where the service centers are more easily available. Initial cost might be high but it’s always worth it.

These are the basic qualities of any smart TV. Hope you have an idea about the smart TV’s now.