Tuesday 7 March 2017

MWC 2017: Samsung Unveils Two New Tablets

Mobile World Congress at Barcelona is an esteemed event which is followed closely by the consumer electronics industry and fans worldwide. Samsung has always indulged in showcasing its Galaxy S Smartphone at this tech show since 2013 but this year it has given it a miss by simply bringing two tablets and a virtual reality headset. The particular VR headset unveiled by the Samsung comes with a remote control which is weird but exciting at the same time. It is hard for any major Smartphone maker to do away with the Smartphone complete at MWC therefore Samsung briefly teased one new Smartphone right at the end of its presentation. Samsung however left the presentation at a happy note by stating that the new Smartphone will be unveiled on 29 March in New York later this year.

Samsung will lose onto rivals

Samsung has already lost the crown of most selling Smartphone brand in the world to Apple this year in terms of shipment. After the Note 7 debacle last year Samsung has lost a considerable market share to rivals and not bringing any successor to the S7 at MWC will simply become a boon for the rivals especially Huawei. However signaling to the fans that a new device is expected to make its way to them soon is a good thing from Samsung point of view as it will make potential buyers to wait for some time.

News tablets doesn’t excite anymore

Samsung has launched two new tablets the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book and both of these devices are targeted at the consumers who are more into gaming and video playback. The Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a 9.7 inch screen and boasts of the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. While Galaxy Book will come in two different sizes of 10.6 inch and 12 inch and it will be running in the Windows 10 OS. Galaxy Book is being targeted at the on the go professionals and it also comes with additional accessories in form of snap-on keyboard and S Pen stylus.

Tablet sales are going down on global scale for all the manufactures as the initial popularity for the larger devices has depleted. Consumers tend to favour the larger Smartphone instead of tablets but Samsung is looking forward to ignite popularity in larger device through bringing better specs coupled with features. Both of these tablets boasts of the organic light emitting diode (OLED) and displays and brings powerful specifics which will help in reigning over the competitors.

Samsung presentation marred with Greenpeace protest

Samsung days are going rough since its recall and effective demise of the Note 7. Sadly its presentation had an unexpected appearance of the Greenpeace activist staging a banner stating ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ which is direct wink at the Note 7 handsets. Quite a number of protestors started gathering around the building where this press conference was taking place and they displayed varied banners on the same lines.

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