Tuesday 14 March 2017

This Smart Condom Measures Performance, Warns about STIs

The world depends heavily on technology these days whether it is buying something online or tracking your schedule of sex. Much to the relief of the people smart condom has come into the lives of the people and these can rate your sexual performance. It as a whole is a collection of many other attributes.


The statistics says that almost more than 50 percent people lose their virginity before marriage and this is almost regularly happening in the western country. Everyone wants to make out with his or her soul mate or partner. The smart condom would help you to track where you went wrong while making out. It may be due to low on energy or something else.

Smart condom will help you to track how much you lose calories in the bedroom. It is really incredible to think that the smart condom are on the way and would make your physical relationships even more interesting. Smart condom will help you detect the sex positions each time. So each time you change your partner, you can just check the stats for better positions and give your partner the ultimate satisfaction.


With the smart condom being developed by a British company, the common people are way too excited to grab these. The report states that the smart condom uses a Nano chip which helps to keep track of everything of your sexual activities. It is named as i.Con which costs around 74$ and has already been booked. But the company has not revealed the delivery or the shipment details of the smart condom.

It is an USB charged device which will keep you active for many hours and will provide you live usage of close to six to eight hours. It also keep tracks how many thrusts you make as well as the speed, frequency, duration, speed of the thrusts. Needless to say this wearable technology will bring a change in the bedroom.


This Nano chip present in the i.Con has sensors placed in it to track all the sexual activities. This includes the penis girth, average velocity, speed of thrusts and many more. Well, it will also keep a check on your health too. It will measure how much calories are burnt in having sex. The i.Con will also record the temperature of your body and how it changes while having intercourse.

The technology is so advanced that it will filter the antibodies which are harmful. It will alert the user when detected. The material is made up of synthetic rubber and contains waterproof carbon unit. How wonderful will it be if you have the log of your sex in the phone? Well, the i.Con will make it available for you once you are done with your deed. The data gets transmitted to the phone either by the app or USB cable. Just sit back for a few days, the pleasure is on its way.

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