Wednesday 1 March 2017

Can Internet Beaming Balloons Outmaneuver Shifting Winds?

project loon
The "Project Loon" of the Google company is aiming for giving the true support to their aspiration of providing internet connectivity to the vast majority of people, through huge Balloon and is expecting it can be done with a short period of time.

The internet is a big issue in our daily life today, as the computer and the internet has taken the principal role in the development process, as well as, best possible avenue of communications among individuals and collective discussion.

It is a known fact that the advent of the computer technology, along with the internet, has been considered as the most phenomenal advancement of the science and technology sector and there is some sort of involvement of this technology in almost every product and issue in the current world. With the growing uses of the internet, the requirement of the good quality service and wide range of connectivity has become the need of the hour; various international organizations are trying to get a solution of this huge necessity, with some kind of easy and affordable backups, which could be helpful in providing the service to the end user with great mobility and in a smooth manner.

The digital giant Google has already taken some of the most exciting measures to get the internet at an easier mode and to the remote places, with the quality connection. The "balloon" technology is the most modern method that has been tried by Google, which is having the potential of providing the most encouraging internet support for the vast majority of people, even in almost inaccessible regions.

Important Features

The Project Loon Team, which is a part of the X research lab of the company, has expressed their views that they are now able to try the machine learning for predicting the weather systems to a great extent. This unique claim proves that the company or specifically their research team is now able to control the movements of the balloons and makes it possible to focus on the particular region or area, instead of roaming here and there without any specific purpose.

The "Clustering" of a number of small balloons is helping the team to reduce the cost, which was earlier tried at a very high expenditure that made it almost a nonstarter. Now the organization is able to provide a well-structured service to a remote place, preferably in the rural sector, with the support of clustering ten to thirty balloons, while in the earlier days there was a requirement of hundreds of balloons to provide same nature of internet service.


It is expected that the real user will be able to use the system within few months but the actual rollout place has not been finalized till date. The balloon technology of Google has the potential of reaching the person, who is residing at a remote countryside, where internet connectivity is considered as an unknown word or issue. This tennis court size balloon is able to provide the required support that enables them to get the internet to the rural side and other areas, with the continuous flying ability of the balloons.

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