Thursday, 30 March 2017

What to Consider When Choosing SA Mobile Phone Service Provider

There are different cell phone providers in the UK and most of them are similar in lots of ways, but at the same time, unique in others. Here are some facts that you should consider when choosing the mobile phone provider you need.

Coverage in your region. 

Each service provider has their own exclusive network and the coverage varies in each one. Take a look at the service provider’s coverage map to ensure that you will have reception where you are likely to use your phone.

You can look at the coverage of your potential service provider by logging into the website of the provider and looking at their coverage in your area. It is always available online.
Another option is to go directly to the nearest store and ask for a brochure or pamphlet that has a map that shows the coverage in your country. This will show you the areas that are covered and those that aren’t. You also get to know what services you will be able to get. Internet services, text messaging and/or voice coverage.

Network coverage.

If you are a person who travels a lot, you don't want to be restricted to making or receiving calls at a certain location and having no signal in another location. Be aware of how far or near the network of your service provider goes.

Take note that a good service provider should not have roaming charges.
Currently, 4G LTE networks are something that should be considered when selecting a mobile phone service provider. So, if the potential service provider has a 4G LTE network, take a look at the network that your service provider is offering and compare it with the rest.

The length of the contract. 

Getting a good cell phone and a good deal that goes with it isn’t so hard. The tricky part about these deals is the fact that you may have to sign a contract that goes for 3 years or more.

The catch is, the moment you try to get out of them before time, there are harsh financial penalties involved.

A good mobile phone service provider will give you a good deal with a contract that isn’t really hard to get out of. There shouldn’t be a hidden agenda in a good deal.


You could be under a really tight budget, meaning you have to be careful about how much you are going to spend on your mobile phone bill. Do your research on the available cell phone providers and look all the plants they have. The minutes available, what’s included in the package, and what the monthly prices are. With most mobile phone service providers, you will have to sign a contract of about two years unless you select a prepaid mobile phone provider. Companies like Vodafone have prepaid packages. This way you avoid getting locked up into a contract and avoid paying a penalty if you have to move to a place where there is no coverage, or out of the country to a place where your current provider won’t be efficient. However, with a prepaid option, your choices could be limited.

Company reputation. 

If a company has been in the market for so long, then it is probably because it has a good reputation. If it didn’t, then it wouldn’t have been in the market for that long. Therefore if they have been on the market for long, their service is probably really good.

Good customer service. 

One way or another, you will need some assistance from your service provider. This means you will have to call customer service for help. There is nothing more annoying that calling customer service and being made to wait on the line for long periods of time. Find a mobile phone service provider that provides customer friendly services and makes customer satisfaction a priority.


If or when you decide to buy a new phone, you want to have a chance to buy the best cell phone (that your money can buy) from the world's biggest brands. However, not all service providers have a large selection of phones and if do, maybe the deals are not so attractive. This is also something to keep in mind.

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