Thursday 30 March 2017

Best Web Design Agency for Small Businesses

Magicdust – Web Design Agency for Small Businesses

Magicdust is one of those web design agency for small businesses who are need of a website in Melbourne. From the start their purpose was to bring the power of the internet into the hands of the consumers. The agency in question has been functioning since 2006 and has so far designed around 6,000 websites. Their trademark is affordable, high quality web design where they interact with small businesses in Melbourne and all across Australia. Their focus is in assisting small business owners in promoting their business through the internet. With their dedicated services to these entrepreneurs they have effectively been one of the most leading web design and expansion establishments in Melbourne. The websites created by them is said to be outstanding enabling the entrepreneur to progress in their business which is done by keeping updates on the prevailing online marketing trends together with amazing web designs. The Website Design Melbourne ensures to take into account the details pertaining to their business and their objectives as well as attempting to obtain some insights with regards to their competitors. With these details in mind, the website has been designed which is said to be appropriate for the said business. At the onset the website comes with an online strategy based on small business goals. It begins with the brand moving towards the expansion of the website and then followed by the marketing support.

Website Built in WordPress

The website is built in WordPress, which is an appropriate platform in presenting business content, newsletters and blogs, menus, subscription memberships, prices together with industry detailed functionality and much more. If ecommerce is needed, a strong full-function online storefront is created which is designed especially in managing and selling the products online. The website is thus created as per the entrepreneur’s decisive vision in mind making it easy to tread on the right track. Equipped with a team comprising of account managers, developers, designers, marketers together with strategist based in Melbourne, they tend to be highly professional in planning a website for the progress of a business. WordPress which is a search engine friendly is said to be in-built as well as easy to be used and is considered to be helpful in enhancing the business. Utilising WordPress content management system – CMS, they offer easy options in managing the content which can go on the site, while regulating the same from time to time.

Unlimited Guarantee

Their unlimited guarantee comprises of-

  • Unlimited pages 
  • Unlimited design revisions 
  • Unlimited products 
  • Unlimited technical support 
  • Unlimited email forwarders and accounts
The agency is said to have a great repute wherein they have catered to over 1000 Melbourne miniature businesses to come on-board in their business. With the help of unlimited design revision, they tend to provide designs to the complete satisfaction of their consumers with great quality web designs. The content management system enables the entrepreneur to have complete control of the website. Another added benefit is the affordability wherein besides providing quality websites, the pricing seems to be quite reasonable. Great customer support is rendered from their experienced and friendly team based in Australia whenever the need arises.

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