Saturday 4 March 2017

Twitter Ramps up Abuse Controls As It Lets Users Silence Anonymous Twitter Eggs

Twitter Eggs
Trolling on the Twitter has become a nuisance for the common innocent users who have to deal unwanted barrage of abuses and insults. Twitter has boosted its capability which will not allow it to throttle the anonymous trolls right from the user’s timelines. This is regarded as a positive and strong effort on Twitter’s part to put an end to the unwanted barrage of abuses on the social media platform. Twitter introduced a new filtering option which will make it easier and simple for the users to mute accounts without any profile picture as well as email mail addresses and phone numbers.

Twitter is filled with ‘Twitter Eggs’

Currently Twitter is filled with millions of accounts that doesn’t possess any profile pictures and are commonly referred as Twitter eggs. These account holders usually indulge in abusive behavior and trolling activity on the site which has become a chronic problem for the Twitter platform. Currently Twitter is actively working toward identifying such abusive accounts and it will continue looking for such bad eggs without the need of them being reported of other users. In the first phase Twitter will be limiting such accounts for some time during which only its followers will be able to see the tweets.

In later stage a mute feature will be introduced which made its debut in November last year. This mute feature will allow users to block a number of phrases as well as keywords from the notification to keep common users safeguarded from the unwanted trolls and abuses. But the latest update will allow users to directly mute certain words and phrases from their own end to get rid of abusive and unwanted content in their home timeline.

Twitter is gearing up to remove abusive content from its platform

Twitter safety team has a tough week wherein it worked towards bringing such filtering functionalities which can help in limiting the abusive content on the platform. Just a month ago it brought such system which prevents permanently suspended people from creating any new accounts on the platform. A ‘safe search’ is also introduced which removes such Tweets containing any kind of potentially sensitive content from the search results. Finding rogue accounts, people, thwarting sensitive tweets are just a list of simple steps taken by Twitter.

Twitter has stated that it platform support to share different viewpoints but it has to be done without violating the Twitter Rules. Twitter is hoping that the algorithm set in place for varied filtering mechanisms will help acting only against such accounts which support and propagate abusive behavior content on the platform.

Given the fact the tools utilized for this new there might be some mistakes and Twitter is eagerly working towards improving its ability to crack down upon the abusive accounts for once and all. Twitter has even admitted that it has struggled in the past to deal with the online buddies in the past but these filtering features will help in covering the lost ground.

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