Thursday 2 March 2017

When Test driving Car Opt for Technology Testing

For long we had been going for test drives while checking out the driving experience and stability of the vehicle but in upcoming people will be indulging in testing the integrated technology as well. Over the years the in car infotainment and the navigational systems has gone through huge improvements in the recent times. A study has indicated that the average cars plying on the US roads are more than 11 years which means that more people are likely to upgrade to upgrade their vehicles in upcoming years. Currently people have inculcated the habit of connecting or pairing their devices in-car entertainment or navigational system to keep track of their movement to play music on the go.

Here are some of the tips which will help in taking out modern cars on a test drive:

Spend more time with car: Taking a good through at the technology present at your disposal will take more than 40 minutes. So spend more time with the car, find out whether your phone is compatible with it or not, check-upon the voice commands, carefully analyze the navigational system and get dig deeper to get acquainted with all the features.

Make sure your phone is updated: It is necessary to keep your phone updated with latest version of operating system when you go out to check new cars. Make sure your apps are also updated so can get easily recognized by the technology present in the cars.

Be sure about your likes & dislikes in technology: Only six percent of the cars sold in last year had touchscreen display along with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but this figure to cross over 50 percent in next three years. Apple CarPlay brings a range of features but it does have some limitation which includes no support for the Waze traffic app or the Google Maps. Therefore a user has to spend some in understanding the different features, functionalities and offering of different infotainment and technology brought by the automobile maker.

Don’t settle on one car: There is no need to blindly settle on the one car you have liked first. Go forward to check other cars available in the market and don’t forget to perform the traditional test drive as the real driving test still matters.

Focus on the safety: Safety is still a grave concern for the automobile so do check the features r technology like lane departure systems, blind-spot system and backup cameras. Different cars have different kind of sophisticated system such as lane departure system comes loaded with different features like some beeps loudly while changing lanes while others simply buzzes the seats.

Opt for such technology which adds value to the amount you are spending: Not everyone wants Spotify or need voice commands to make use of different apps and integrated technology. If someone doesn’t want to be bothered by the slew of technology marvels then opting for a stripped down model will be wiser choice.

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