Tuesday 7 March 2017

Three Layers of Graphene Reveals a New Kind of Magnet

You can’t bring a pause to two of the main parts of this world and that is time and the invention. Time and again science and technology has made our lives more comfortable and cosier.Well, recently there was a great and astonishing discovery in the field of magnetism. The discovery will make our future more resourceful as the scientists have found magnetism in the three layers of graphene. Now, the electronic devices as well as in other applications, this theory can be used which will be a great help for the digital world that has moulded our lives into something better.


Graphene being an allotrope of carbon is two-dimensional structure which forms a vertex. The structure of graphene is a bit different of that of graphite but the density of the electrons can be easily changed with the help of a transistor. Then the wave nature of the graphene can be easily observed and further studies can be made. The speed of electrons in graphene is higher comparatively than other metals like copper. They can cover a distance of 10micrometre. Well, to the common masses, this distance is almost less than 10 times the diameter of a human hair. When you place the graphene in between boron nitride, you get to listen to the whispers what the scientists say. The layers of the boron nitride which has some defects cause some sort of hindrance in the flow of electrons.


As the imperfections in the structure lead to whispers which means that the electrons are talking to one another in the structure. Well, the study reveals a great deal on how to use the magnetism that has been shown by these electrons when they were sandwiched at a temperature of -272 degree Celsius. The three levels of graphene holding such an important and massive property will not only be helpful in the field of electronics but will also have a huge impact in the nature and the natural resources for the years to come. This wonderful and astonishing discovery was done by the renowned professors at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.


Graphene holds some extra ordinary properties which have made it to make an edge over extra atoms or semiconductors as well as other allotropes of carbon. Well, given the credit for the properties of graphene, it is the lightest, strongest and also a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is thinnest as well which makes the scientists do the research in the most convenient manner.


Graphene promises to bring a revolution in the years to come with its outstanding features. From the field of computers to the area of car tires, it promises to change everything with its remarkable characteristics. Well, the magnetism property has just added to the feature basket. Now, we need to wait for the applications where this property may come handy. But one thing is pretty secured, that the chemical industries, automobile industry as well as the electronics industry are going to be benefitted a lot from this allotrope.

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