Wednesday 1 March 2017

Lightvert Echo: How Giant Digital Adverts Could Soon be in Our Cities

Lightvert Echo
The young generation of the present age is now not unaware of digital ads, which are often used by entrepreneurs as a tool for marketing. However, digital advert is going to be introduced in a fresh form. And this is possible with the help of a special technology, ECHO. A giant sized promotional message may not noticed by you in any part of your city. You will be able to view an image of about 200m in height. Though it may be visible to you only for few seconds, you will surely find it to be much attention-grabbing.

Lightvert with the introduction of newest digital ads technology-

It is Lightvert that has given effort for the development of ECHO. CEO of this company, Daniel Siden has informed that ECHO may be defined as a medium of display, which seems to be very useful for advertisers. This newest technology has brought a revolution in the domain of advertisement. It has also become acceptable to tech enthusiasts and many people are now curious to know how this system works. Siden also hopes that property owners may also like to get the chance of turning their structures into digitally operated billboards, which generate revenue.

How ECHO performs its work-

ECHO blends a thin bit of some reflective substance, which is attached at the specific zone of a skyscraper. There is also an integration of special light scanning system, which shoots light rays from the reflector to the viewer. As the images are visually echoing before you, the technology is named as ECHO. Siden has given a clear description of the phenomenon. Images are produced only with one light ray. Thus, they are formed just in the eye of viewer and not in practical world. The full-scale images are subtle as well as effective.

Any risk with ECHO?

Some people have criticized that these pop-up advertisements of Lightverts may be an eyesore to the viewers. It seems to function in a way as if a rocket is leaving a fine light ray on your eyes. But, Lightvert has ensured that it has accomplished some thorough test with the application industrial standards. And in all the tests, the technology has received a grade of success. Moreover, the company has made the innovation by having its target at only the pedestrians. The system is installed at such a height that it is not possible for cyclists and drivers to view at those images easily.

A display, through ECHO, involves application of an effect (PoV) in order to have a print of image safely into the retina of viewers. Some reported that laser projector may be a risky factor.

However, this is to be lifted at a particular height, which is quite distant from common people in the highway. It does not cause any danger to the public. The complete system has integration with several security interlocks to keep away from H&S problem.

Thus, Lightvert has created a link of graphic interaction and technology, and it is highly valuable to the advertisers.

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