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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Novel Circuit Design Boosts Wearable Thermoelectric Generators

Wearable Thermoelectric Generators
With Wearable Thermoelectric Generators, a continuous monitoring of the vital data is possible for athletes and patients. The difficulty is to supply the devices with power permanently. The Wearable Thermoelectric Generators with 40 mW of continuous power, which is worn along with the regular clothes, solves the problem.

Supported by Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) and by PepsiCo, Inc., this research has paved a way to better understand the electronic and optical properties of polymer-based materials. A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, under the leadership of Professor Shannon Yee, has developed a Wearable Thermoelectric Generators that is both light and flexible and uses the body's heat to generate electrical energy. The thermal generators were applied both to organic and inorganic substrates. However, the polymer variant achieves a significantly lower output power. The performance of the inorganic variant, on the other hand, was satisfactory, but the prototypes were rigid, comparatively heavy and therefore not usable.

The team of Georgia Institute of Technology around Professor Shannon Yee has now developed a Wearable Thermoelectric Generators method in which a p-type and n-type materials are each presented in a pasty form and on a fabric to be printed. The pastes penetrate through the meshes of the fabric and form a layer of Wearable Thermoelectric Generators about one hundred micrometers thick. As a result, several hundred thermoelectrically active points are formed in the combination of p- and n-conducting material on a specific surface of the fabric.

The structure of this Wearable Thermoelectric Generators is stable; it does not require additional ceramic substrates that absorb a large portion of the available thermal energy. Here, the fabric itself serves as the upper and lower substrate of the generator between which the inorganic thermoelectrically active materials are introduced; the Wearable Thermoelectric Generators are also flexible. In particular, the weight of the Wearable Thermoelectric Generators in comparison with other systems could be substantially reduced: to about 0.13 g / cm 2. A 10 x 10 cm² Wearable Thermoelectric Generators designed for the power supply of a "smart fabric" produces an output power of 40 mW from the temperature difference between the skin of the wearer and the environment. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Wearable Device Reveals Consumer Emotions

Emotions Recorded by the Latest Wearable Devices

We change with time but the special ones always remain locked in our hearts forever. The Homo sapiens experience a wide range of emotions with regards to human feelings, products, belongings and the list can go on. The recent updates reveal that the wearable device reveals the emotions of the consumer and this is really a wonderful thing. All thanks to the start-up new stress sensor tracks users’ insentient responses to products and experiences.

The shopaholics can get moved on by the items they purchase either from the retail shop or from online. The children show various kinds of reactions based on the products. They can be overjoyed or extremely bored while they are on a new course of learning something new. The wearable device which are considered to be stress sensors has the capability to point out the accurate time or situation when people show unknowingly spontaneous responses. The credit goes to the startup which has figured after deep research how these reactions evolve from the human world.

The Emotions

The companies or the corporate are very stone hearted and they won’t be able to figure out the exact emotion of the clients or the customers. If they try to be user friendly or to be more specific clients friendly there is a lot to work upon in trying to understand the emotions of the clients. The room for change or improvisation is never less and you just to have to work hard a bit more in order to pitch yourself there.

The startup mPAth has worked really hard where the researchers and the developers have been able to figure out how these devices works. They have been also able to dive really deep into the education system of the primary in order to encourage the infants to learn more for a successful road.

The Device

The MOXO sensor which has been invented by one of the renowned professors of the MIT along with other researchers matches a smart watch. When you wear it, the sensors present on it will be able to sense your skin condition as there is change in electrical change across the body and the skin. There is a physiological arousal and a reflex change occurs in nervous system activity.

If there are spikes, it indicates stress and frustration or even extreme boredom. The mPath has designed a new way to understand the emotions which they have termed as “emotyping”. The process basically involves the combination of the sensors where there are cameras to help you out.

The Study

The wearable device is good and is surely going to surprise in terms of many factors. Really science has been incredible in terms of invention. The current emphasis is how to make this wearable device more impactful in an efficient manner. Well, the trend is changing for the tech products as now they have started dealing with emotions. The digital market will be on high demand after the release.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Mind Boggling Optical Illusion Reignites the Debate Over Whether the Outfit is Blue and Black or White and Gold

Strange Optical Illusion

A clip shared on Korean site Ruliweb portrayed two outfits, one black and blue while the other yellow and white which seemed to alter right before your eyes. After an ill-famed debate had divided millions all over the web, it had been reignited by a short clip portraying a strange optical illusion.

 When a small section is relocated from one dress to the other in the animation, though it tends not to alter colour, it seems to match the shade of both the dresses. As the section tends to slip from the black and blue striped outfit to the yellow and white stripe dress it seems to abruptly slot into place without any problem. This delusion is said to work by adding what seems to be a shaded blue box above the yellow dress and a yellow tinted box above the blue dress.

However the delusion on the shifting of shade is on how the colour is viewed which is one of the reasons why several debated on the original colour of the #TheDress way back in 2015. Professor of Ophthalmology in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton, Andrew Lotery had informed the MailOnline that the variance in observation was owing to lighting conditions, the device from where the image is seen as well as the age and gender of a person.

Visual system Throws Away Information

People all over the social media have been debating about an image depicting a perfectly nice bodycon dress as blue with black lace fringe or white with gold lace fringe. The debate is more than just social media and is about primal biology as well as the way human eyes together with brain have progressed in seeing colour in a sunny world.

 Light is said to enter the eye through the lens with various wavelengths matching to various colours. The light tends to hit the retina towards the back of the eye wherein pigments initiate neural connections to the visual cortex, the area of the brain which develops these signal into an image. Though the first surge of light is the result of whatever wavelengths tend to illuminate the world, reflecting off whatever one views at.

The brain on its own tends to figure out what colour light is bouncing off the image your eyes are observing and basically detracts that colour from the real colour of the object. Neuroscientist at the University of Washington commented that our visual system tends to throw away information regarding the illuminant and extract information related to the actual reflectance.

Various Combinations of Genes

Lotery had clarified that all tend to have various combinations of the genes which tend to develop the sense of colour for red, green and blue and since these genes are on the X chromosome, women seems to have added variations. As a consequence, women tend to have a more vibrant range of colour and could be more prone as well as subtle to particular colours.

 This could explain why women are casual between seeing the different colours while men typically do not tend to do so. He further went on to add that some people seem to have more than a single dose of a blue colour genes for instance and hence they will see higher or lesser stages of this colour also.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Research Leads to a Golden Discovery for Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology
With an improvement of wearable technology, it is perhaps not impractical to think of a wonderful wearable device, which works as your mobile and your earring or your wristwatch. However, the newest thing that you may now see is the application of pure gold on these wearable devices, and this has been accomplished by Missouri S&T researchers.

Coating of gold on silicon-

In one of the journals, the scientists of S&T have talked about an option to develop thin golden layers on a crystal silicon wafer. They have to take out the golden foil to apply them just as a kind of substrates. Other available electronic stuffs may be developed on them. The new discovery of researchers may bring about some transformation in the field of wearable items. Moreover, it also proves an improvement of similar electronics on the coming days.

One of the leading scientists, Jay Switzer has said that a significant amount of study has been conducted in the domain of wearable technologies with the use of polymer-based substrates. Some substrates also comprise crystals. They are placed into semiconductor in order to bring the flexibility. However, there may be a loss of order, maintained by silicon. As there is more than one crystal, they may have grain limits, which restrict the functioning of some electronic systems.

If we consider a semiconductor, there are holes and electrons, opposite to each other. They may also blend the stated boundaries in order to produce heat. Most of the electronic appliances are manufactured with silicon as this is more affordable item. In addition to it, the performance of this substance is also good. There is a perfect alignment of all atoms. However, while only one crystal is present, the level of flexibility is not much high.

What positive features gold mar bring to a foil-

The scientists have, at first, started their work with one silicon crystal, and after that, they have considered golden foils. As gold is present in the foil, both flexibility and durability are high. The system may be twisted almost four thousand times. But, the level of resistance cannot get altered.

Some challenges have been faced by the researchers at the time of unpeeling the thin foil layer. The bolding between silicon and gold is very strong. To get rid of the problem, photo electrochemical process is used for silicon oxidization. In this oxidization, light allows semiconductor for promoting the reaction. Several golden foils may be designed with single silicon.

The overall research is really a pleasure to the scientists, who wanted to get an affordable way for creating distinct crystals. Many people, who like to deal with such materials, may have some interest in this matter. Moreover, it also gives important data to those, who desire working on these crystals. The team of researchers, who are involved in this issue, includes expert in the field of chemistry and engineering. And with the efforts of all these professionals, the research has been successful.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

This Smart Condom Measures Performance, Warns about STIs

The world depends heavily on technology these days whether it is buying something online or tracking your schedule of sex. Much to the relief of the people smart condom has come into the lives of the people and these can rate your sexual performance. It as a whole is a collection of many other attributes.


The statistics says that almost more than 50 percent people lose their virginity before marriage and this is almost regularly happening in the western country. Everyone wants to make out with his or her soul mate or partner. The smart condom would help you to track where you went wrong while making out. It may be due to low on energy or something else.

Smart condom will help you to track how much you lose calories in the bedroom. It is really incredible to think that the smart condom are on the way and would make your physical relationships even more interesting. Smart condom will help you detect the sex positions each time. So each time you change your partner, you can just check the stats for better positions and give your partner the ultimate satisfaction.


With the smart condom being developed by a British company, the common people are way too excited to grab these. The report states that the smart condom uses a Nano chip which helps to keep track of everything of your sexual activities. It is named as i.Con which costs around 74$ and has already been booked. But the company has not revealed the delivery or the shipment details of the smart condom.

It is an USB charged device which will keep you active for many hours and will provide you live usage of close to six to eight hours. It also keep tracks how many thrusts you make as well as the speed, frequency, duration, speed of the thrusts. Needless to say this wearable technology will bring a change in the bedroom.


This Nano chip present in the i.Con has sensors placed in it to track all the sexual activities. This includes the penis girth, average velocity, speed of thrusts and many more. Well, it will also keep a check on your health too. It will measure how much calories are burnt in having sex. The i.Con will also record the temperature of your body and how it changes while having intercourse.

The technology is so advanced that it will filter the antibodies which are harmful. It will alert the user when detected. The material is made up of synthetic rubber and contains waterproof carbon unit. How wonderful will it be if you have the log of your sex in the phone? Well, the i.Con will make it available for you once you are done with your deed. The data gets transmitted to the phone either by the app or USB cable. Just sit back for a few days, the pleasure is on its way.

Friday, 3 June 2016

This Wristband Will Give You an Electric Shock if You go Into Your Overdraft


Wristband to Control Overspending

Individuals with a weakness of overspending can now have a saviour in the form of a wristband which tends to help in breaking this bad habit. A British company in partnership with Pavlok tends to give users electric shocks in helping them to break this bad habit of overspending, triggering the device when users seem to be spending too much money. The £120 device which would be in operation toward the end of the year was invented by finance technology company Intelligent Environments which identifies overspending in a user’s bank account connecting it to Pavlok to send them a shock or Nest, the smart thermostat of Google to turn down their heating.

David Webber, chief executive of Intelligent Environments had stated that `this is all about giving customers the option to control how they tend to spend money’. Known as Interact IoT, users could set their spending limits and choose how they would like the program to respond. Should a user surpass their self-imposed limit of spending and their bank balance seems to drop below a pre-determined brink, the Interact IoT tends to drop the heating down to a temperature that has been pre-determined by the individual. Reducing the temperature of the heating by three degrees could save around £255 yearly, according to Intelligent Environments. A Google Nest device tends to cost about £200.

Fully Tested & Safe

The Pavlok was initially launched in 2014 to jolt users out of their bad habits like nail biting, over-sleeping and smoking. The makers of the wristband state, that the wristband has been fully tested and seems safe, claiming that the shock tends to cause a slightly uncomfortable feeling though no pains or burns. The wristband had been named after the Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov who had worked with dogs to prove behaviour can be conditioned by rewards and punishments.

 It had been created by US internet entrepreneur Maneesh Sethi who had famously hired a woman to slap him every time he went on Facebook, at work. It is not known when the tool for the finance monitoring would be made available since it is up to the banks to choose to offer the services to their consumers. Software to banks and financial services companies which supports their mobile apps is provided by Intelligent Environments. Webber had mentioned that `they are the technology behind the Atom Bank which would be the first digital bank and all their customers seem to be interested in this capability’.

Device Linked to Customer’s Bank Account

Clients of the company comprise of the Bank of Ireland, Sainsbury’s Bank, Lloyd’s Bank and Toyota’s financial services business. Presently the software is available, though it will take around six months before the banks tend to offer it to their clients, if they decide to do so. Webber also informed that millennial believed that the new software was very thrilling and something they would certainly like to try. However, older people aged 50 and above seemed to be cautious.Liviu Itoafa, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab had stated that the device seems to link to a customers’ bank account which could be easy for cybercriminals to access bank details.

 Itoafa also cautioned that the company would have to ensure that it had secured the connection between the devices and the bank accounts. The Telegraph had been assured by Intelligent Environments that it had taken the security of the invention rather seriously and that there was no chance of logging on the banking information of the user, through it. Webber has informed that it is totally secure and that there is absolutely no financial or personal information passing into the devices

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Wearable Device Which Turns Gestures Into Music


Remidi T8 – Wearable Glove – Compose Music with Gestures

A glove has been created by a start-up based in Austin, Texas, which enable one to compose music with gestures. The wearable device tends to operate on any firm surface as well as in the air, turning whatever is touched into an instrument. If one tends to find themselves tapping their hand to a beat at the desk, in a car or on a park bench, a high tech glove could be just the gadget to aid in turning the tunes in your mind into music which one could record. Remidi T8 the so called wearable glove is equipped with pressure-sensitive sensors alongside the fingertips and palm.

According to a post on Kickstarter which announced a project to produce the glove, which is still not available, its wristband tends to control the combination of sounds from each sensor which is translated as the user tends to moves their hand. According to the company, the glove objective is to be a natural device for music artist, enthusiast as well as disc jockeys to use. The one using the glove would be capable of composing music, play as well as perform on the go, as per co-founder and chief technology officer at Remidi, Mark DeMay.

Fun Way of Expressing Themselves

Mark DeMay stated that it could be considered as a wearable MIDI controller, referring to the music synthesizers that are found in recording studios which enable producers to combine tracks, adjust tempos and tweak vocals. However the glove is more than compliant than the large synthesizer machine and can be modified in creating latest, custom sounds or remix the current ones, based on how the user intends programming it. DeMay informed the sources that they wanted to provide people with a fun way of expressing themselves and begin pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the musical instruments.

The purpose of the wearable music instrument came up when Remidi founder and CEO, Andrea Baldereschi and DeMay met while they worked with Livid Instruments, an Austin, Texas based company, which designed MIDI controllers and mixers for DJs. DeMay mentioned that Baldereschi was a DJ for several number of years and always seemed to tap out new beats whenever they would be working together.

T8 – Creates Various Sound Intensities/Rhythms

However, he would frequently forget the new melodies before even getting around to recording the music. Hence Baldereschi decided to invent a technique of recording riffs on the go without being limited to working in rooms with burdensome and bulky digital music systems. DeMay informed that the digital world had got a little bit motionless with regards to the MIDI controllers and all tend to do the same type of stuff in the same manner. There are all buttons, knobs, LEDs and faders just in different arrangement.

 The T8 glove is actually something different. Using the T8, the user can start jamming on any surface like a desk, wall park bench, car window, subway seat, or even their own body. DeMay had informed that the data from the glove could then be sent to the Remidi app or to another recording software.

The T8 is said to create various sound intensities as well as rhythms depending on which of its eight sensors it is pressed, what combination is pressed and how long or how hard it is pressed down on single point. Besides this, a small spinning gyroscope and accelerometer in the wristband of the glove tends to measure the speed your hands moves up and down or left and right, adjusting the tone and tempo of the music created in real-time.