Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Wearable Device Which Turns Gestures Into Music


Remidi T8 – Wearable Glove – Compose Music with Gestures

A glove has been created by a start-up based in Austin, Texas, which enable one to compose music with gestures. The wearable device tends to operate on any firm surface as well as in the air, turning whatever is touched into an instrument. If one tends to find themselves tapping their hand to a beat at the desk, in a car or on a park bench, a high tech glove could be just the gadget to aid in turning the tunes in your mind into music which one could record. Remidi T8 the so called wearable glove is equipped with pressure-sensitive sensors alongside the fingertips and palm.

According to a post on Kickstarter which announced a project to produce the glove, which is still not available, its wristband tends to control the combination of sounds from each sensor which is translated as the user tends to moves their hand. According to the company, the glove objective is to be a natural device for music artist, enthusiast as well as disc jockeys to use. The one using the glove would be capable of composing music, play as well as perform on the go, as per co-founder and chief technology officer at Remidi, Mark DeMay.

Fun Way of Expressing Themselves

Mark DeMay stated that it could be considered as a wearable MIDI controller, referring to the music synthesizers that are found in recording studios which enable producers to combine tracks, adjust tempos and tweak vocals. However the glove is more than compliant than the large synthesizer machine and can be modified in creating latest, custom sounds or remix the current ones, based on how the user intends programming it. DeMay informed the sources that they wanted to provide people with a fun way of expressing themselves and begin pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the musical instruments.

The purpose of the wearable music instrument came up when Remidi founder and CEO, Andrea Baldereschi and DeMay met while they worked with Livid Instruments, an Austin, Texas based company, which designed MIDI controllers and mixers for DJs. DeMay mentioned that Baldereschi was a DJ for several number of years and always seemed to tap out new beats whenever they would be working together.

T8 – Creates Various Sound Intensities/Rhythms

However, he would frequently forget the new melodies before even getting around to recording the music. Hence Baldereschi decided to invent a technique of recording riffs on the go without being limited to working in rooms with burdensome and bulky digital music systems. DeMay informed that the digital world had got a little bit motionless with regards to the MIDI controllers and all tend to do the same type of stuff in the same manner. There are all buttons, knobs, LEDs and faders just in different arrangement.

 The T8 glove is actually something different. Using the T8, the user can start jamming on any surface like a desk, wall park bench, car window, subway seat, or even their own body. DeMay had informed that the data from the glove could then be sent to the Remidi app or to another recording software.

The T8 is said to create various sound intensities as well as rhythms depending on which of its eight sensors it is pressed, what combination is pressed and how long or how hard it is pressed down on single point. Besides this, a small spinning gyroscope and accelerometer in the wristband of the glove tends to measure the speed your hands moves up and down or left and right, adjusting the tone and tempo of the music created in real-time.

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