Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Incredible 'Cobra' Skyscraper Concept Unveiled


Unbelievable Unusual Building - `Asian Cobra Tower’

The development of skyscrapers seem to be getting more creative, taller and amazing with enhancement in its construction and if Russian and futuristic Vasily Klyukin tends to get his way we will find more appealing structures coming up. Klyukin has released a concept design which portrays an unbelievable unusual building which has been dubbed `Asian Cobra Tower’.

According to Klyukin’s website, the structure would comprise of offices or apartments and though the precise size of the concept building in not disclosed, the website has stated that the snake’s open jaws would serve as a restaurant or nightclub which would overlook the city. As per Klyukin, the lights of the building would tend to change colours just the way a snake would shed its skin. In widely accepted folklore and local legends, snakes are generally seen as symbols of protection, wisdom and eternal life.

 Klyukin has mentioned on his website that `snakes and dragons are guardians of threshold, temples, treasure, esoteric knowledge and all lunar gods’. He adds that the diamond shaped pattern towards the back of the snake is the symbol of Yang and Yin, duality as well as reunification of the Sun and the Moon, male and female principles, conciliation of opposites and androgyny.

Designing Legends – Book of 50 Concept Building

The other concept designs by Klyukin, the author of the novel `Collective Mind’ comprises of a woman-shaped skyscraper called `Venus’ and a massive jaguar shaped building. Klyukin seems to have a skill of dreaming up out-of-this-world skyscraper designs and in 2014, the former banker and billionaire had released Designing Legends, which is a book of 50 concept building including a rocket shaped skyscraper together with a tower modelled after the Venus de Milo sculpture.

 His recent design is a futuristic structure which tends to rise from a circular base and steadily widening to a cobra head shaped pinnacle which is complete with red eyes accompanied with a fanged scorn. The open jaws could be utilised as a terraced restaurants or a nightclub and the vipers’ body could be housing the offices or residential units. The concept art portrays the tower lighting up in various colours at night from red to gold to electric blue. Klyukin envisages the skyscraper going up in bigger city in the Eastern area of the world since most of his creativeness has been drawn from the culture of the region.

Skyscrapers – Command Style of Business Regions

He is of the belief that his snake tower would enhance any city in the eastern world since they are seen as a sign of wisdom. Included in the designs for the black and gold snake are changeable lights which tend to go up the structure as well as a diamond pattern on the back to back reflecting Ying and Yang. Vasily states that these buildings upsurge proudly in columns viewing the cities or stand alone in the landscape. Skyscrapers tend to draw our attention and may inspire some or irritate others.

The rising towers seem to change the cityscapes across the world and have been the clearest reflection of cultural as well as economic progress in the 20th century. Skyscrapers also command the style of business regions as well as the entire cities. Fascinated tourist would view this huge cobra, with its jaws serving a terrace as a dining area of a nightclub with offices and apartment placed in its body.

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