Tuesday 1 March 2016

Raspberry Pi3 adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Raspberry Pi3

Raspberry Pi featuring Quicker 64-Bit Processor/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

The most well-known British computer so far is the Raspberry Pi and the title was previously held by the Amstrad PCW which is believed to have sold around eight million units. The sale of Raspberry Pi will exceed that amount this month according to Eben Upton the founder of Raspberry Pi project. The breakthrough has come as the Raspberry Pi 3 had been unveiled featuring a quicker 64-bit processor as well as a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Mr Upton had stated that they are the best-selling UK computer. He mentioned that the Pi Foundation originally believed that it had won the title last year when the sales had gone past the total set in 1980s by Sinclair machines. But he mentioned it had appeared that the Amstrad machine had been sold in great numbers and that the total too had exceeded.

He added that the curve tends to keep trending upwards and the sales will get a lift from the release of the Raspberry Pi 3 by the end of February. The sale price would be $35 and a few hundred thousand units would be available on launch day from the online stores. The Raspberry Pi 3 retains the form factor of the Raspberry Pi 3 and works well with the latest version.

Utilise as PC Replacement/Embedded Computer

He had informed BBC that the two main things which people tend to do with their Pi are utilising it as PC replacement or use it as an embedded computer. The Pi 3 is doubling down on both these things instead of going looking for new things to do.

The updated device tends to have a 64-bit processor on-board which provides the Pi 3 a performance of 50% improvement on the Pi 2. Besides this the built in to the latest device are the Wi-Fi as well as the Bluetooth connections. He mentioned that for hobbyists, who use the Pi, it tends to act as a hub for home gadgets who would be able to use Bluetooth to connect devices as well as sensors together.

 He said that this is the first Pi one can stick behind the TV and tend to forget about it completely. There have been indications that the Pi had been successful in achieving one of its formation focus that is to make computer science as a more well-known option at degree level.

Being Used Extensively in Schools

Mr Upton had mentioned that the Pi’s popularity together with the other coding projects were arousing interest in the technical subject. He mentioned that in some of the institutions the number of individuals enrolling on computer science courses had improved from the low points that were seen in 2008-9.

 But he admitted that it may yet be too early to see the complete effect of the Pi on the people who tend to pursue coding or their technical skill, considering that the first Pi was released only in 2012. He said that the gadgets had begun being used extensively in schools and the merger of the Pi foundation with the Code Club initiative could ensure that it reaches more children and with children in the age of 9 – 11, would be seeing a lot of people getting excited about it at that level.

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