Monday, 21 March 2016

Sky Launches Sky VR Studio

Sky VR Studio

Dedicated Virtual Reality Production Unit – Sky VR Studio

It has been reported by Sky that they have begun making some of the programming in VR stating playfully that we would be seeing this year around 20 pieces of VR content. The first bits of virtual reality filming would be released on Friday by Sky, featuring a pits-eye view of Formula 1 testing just in time for the start of the season in Barcelona. Sky had been in virtual reality for some time now.

It had invested in Jaunt VR in September of last year and since then had been filming some VR footage. A very popular behind the scene footage of The Hobbit had been shown at the premiere of the film, last year. Presently, Sky is making attempts in taking its VR commitment further with dedicated virtual reality production unit known as Sky VR Studio which is led by executive produce Neil Graham.

A website was permitted early access to Sky’s first batch of VR footage on a Samsung Gear VR and it’s impressive. Sky will not go in for static VR shots though would actually offer movement. Few of the footage had been taken by a journalist moving around the pit area, coming close to the car action and other shots were on the car itself.

Sky – A Reason for Investing

Other footage was more grounded and portrayed how virtual reality could bring one closer to places one may not actually want to be though should experience them. Neil Graham, while speaking at the launch of Sky VR had explained that due to Sky’s investment in Jaunt, he had early access to VR cameras, leading to the first VR piece that had been filmed in New Zealand.

Graham stated that when they got the prototype camera, he quickly spoke to Warners and all involved and managed to quickly experiment with filming a documentary on The Hobbit.He further informed that they had the opportunity where they could show the film a week thereafter at the premiere of the final Hobbit movie. With the creation of the camera technology together with the headsets made available, it would mean that Sky has a reason for investing in a proper production unit with internal as well as external folks

Need to Populate VR with Mind Blowing Content

Director Richard Nockles, is one of those who have been brought inwho seems to be too dedicated to VR wherein he has also shot the birth of his second child in VR. Graham goes on to explain that Richard would be joining a VR creative director meaning that they can create a new content for VR.

He added further that Sky is uniquely place and that they have always been looking at new ways to get content, there is access to movies, TV and sport and there is a need to populate VR with mind blowing content. Regarding what footage will we see, Sky is dedicated in creating 20 pieces this year with the F1 footage which is the first part of the batch and the footage would be made available from Friday on YouTube 360, the Oculus Rift Store and Facebook’s 360 Video platforms.

Though Sky would ultimately look into developing its own app for this footage and is anticipating in offering additional footage than assured, Graham seems to be realistic on how much they could do.

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