Thursday, 24 March 2016

Apple Unveils Smaller iPhone and iPad Pro


Apple’s Smaller Version of iPhone & iPad Pro

At an event held in San Francisco which had been streamed online, Apple had announced smaller versions of the iPhone and iPad Pro. The firm has informed that the iPhone SE seems to have the same processing as well as graphics performance of the larger Apple 6S and can capture 4K video. The new iPad Pro tends to have a 9.7 inch screen which is the same as the original iPad and the iPhone SE would be made available in 110 countries towards the end of May.

With the price starting at $399/$499, the latest iPhone is said to be the most affordable handsetthat Apple has ever released, according to the company. Moreover, the new iPad Pro would be available in three different storage sizes together with an additional larger 256 GB version.

For the smaller version, the pricing would start at $599 and will be shipped in the US towards the end of the month. Apple had mentioned that last year, it had sold 30 million four-inch handsets though the sales of the handset seemed to have slowed down in recent months in line with the total smartphone market. Some of the analysts have predicted a 15% decline in shipments in the first quarter of 2016.

Apple - `Not to Shrink’ from Responsibility to Protect Encryption

Annette Zimmerman, research director at analyst Gartner had stated that `the smart phone market has definitely consolidated around five and six inch devices, globally, so the question is why has Apple come out with a slightly smaller version?’ She added that it is not actually to capture a trend but the individuals who are on iPhone 4 or 5 seem to be quite content with the size.

 It is a means of upgrading them and selling a phone with a smaller screen size tends to help with the margins on the devices’. Tom Cook, chief executive informed that the Apple’s court battle with the FBI over encryption heads to court on Tuesday and said that he did not ever expect to be `at odds with the government’.

He stated that Apple `would not shrink’ from its responsibility to protect encryption. His comment was met with a warm applause from the audience though Tuesday would be a different story when the company tends to come face to face with the families of the victim of the San Bernardino attack.

iPhone SE & iPad Pro - Crucial Products

With the sales of iPhone slowing down, Apple needs to get some new customers and the iPhone would probably do just that. It would be aimed at the kind of individuals with budgets that cannot stretch to a new premium iPhone and the user who could have gone instead for an Android device.

Contrasting from the 5c, Apple’s last budget iPhone, the SE does not come in a range of economical and cheerful colours and is meant to feel like a top product though smaller. The iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 is seen as largely iterative though they seem to be still crucial products for Apple since it looks to support growth across two significantly important sets.

The firm also portrayed a recycling robot known as Liam that can strip down old iPhone into their components for reuse. According to Tim Cook, Apple Watch would bring down its price to $299 from its launch price of $349.

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