Tuesday 13 June 2017

High Pressure Key to Lighter, Stronger Metal Alloys, Scientists Found 

With the scientists and technicians creating a revolution, the world has witness some of the great changes. We are quite grateful that we are able to live a more peaceful and cosy life when compared to our earlier generations. However, the world has progressed in every field be it technology, medicine or even metallurgy. There are reports every day that amuse us and we are quite blessed to live in this era. Each day we come across some new kinds of discoveries and this has only got better with each passing day. Certainly, a change has shaped the world into a better place. Few weeks ago, a report was released which stated that if high pressure was allowed, then it could make the new and improvised versions of metal compounds which are can resist heat than the normal metal alloys. This theory of the conventional metal alloys was released by the researchers of the Stanford University


It has been since ages that metallurgy has seen the blending of the metals in order to create improved and stable metal alloys. They used to have exclusive properties for the last hundreds of years. The previous theory included with one or two important metal comprising a higher portion of the mixture and the other elements are in less proportion.

They form a compact structure. Ever since the inception of the metallurgy, the scientists were successful in creating 2 structures till date. The third structure has taken a huge toll on the scientists as they have not been able to figure out still.


The recent study which was published in the recent journal have reported that they were successful to come up with a new design of an alloy which comprised of normal metals. The structure is somewhat hexagonal in shape and it is closely packed. This type of similar structures has been created in the past but they used to contain a huge amount of harmful elements.

The elements were mostly alkaline metals or rare species of metals. They have been able to make the compact structure from the very common metals which are normally used in the engineering department.


They have found that it is ultimately the pressure that helps in achieving all these. A new device kind of form has been used in order to achieve this. The device is used to confine the minute samples of the high entropy metal alloys to get pressurized to a high pressure normally as 55 Giga Pascals.

The pressure is so humongous that it can be seen when there is large meteorite crashed on the surface of the earth. The high pressure seems to break the interaction of the magnetic impact. The metal alloys still maintain the compact hexagonal structure even if the high pressure is taken off from them. So, we are grateful to the great renowned scientists.

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