Friday 9 June 2017

Intel unveils 18 core / 36 thread Core i9-7980XE

Intel was reeling under huge pressure from its competitors in past couple of months due to the launch of highly affordable range of processors. However Intel is making a comeback in a glorious fashion with the unveiling of new Core X series processors which will boast the 18 cores and 36 threads specification. Before this AMD was ruling the market with its Ryzen 9 1998X which had 16 cores and 32 threads along with the ThreadRipper processor.

This new offering from the Intel will be featured right alongside the other existing line up and it is expected to make use of the LGA 2066 pin socket that is usually found on the X299 motherboards. Intel has made this massive upgrade in the number of cores after a pretty long time that also at a better price point which has left a number of tech experts surprised.

Everything about the Intel Core X series

Before the official unveiling of the Core X series everyone was expecting it come with anything above 12 cores and no one was expecting the 16 or 18 cores offering at all. Intel has worked to keep the cores details under wrap and take the market by surprise as well subdue the consistent rise of the AMD varied SKU lineup with a remarkable product offering.

It is worth noting that the complete line up for the Skylake X and Kabylake X are designed to make use of the LGA 2066 socket and users will certainly get a wide count spread to choose from while powering their devices in future. The best thing about the new Intel platform is that they are highly scalable. Intel will be shipping the Core X series processors along with the latest version of the Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 which will help in improving the single as well as dual core performances.

Secondly one should also note that the unveiling of the new X299 platform also brings the demise of the X99 platform. Intel has claimed that the new core X series will bring 10 percent faster multi-thread performance as well as 15 faster on the single threaded performance than the earlier generation processors.

More power comes with the Extreme Edition

Intel will also be bringing the Extreme edition CPUs which will take the performance levels to a whole new level for the computing activities. The new Core X series will allow the AVX-512 ratio offset along with the memory controller trim voltage control into the play. This functionality will help the users in getting a better stability at higher clocks while working on the robust projects.

This is specifically designed to handle the CPU heavy programs with ease with the existing programs without limiting the overall performance of the device. This will help in bringing fast video encode, audio production, image rendering as well as offering real time previews in the best resolution to the users.

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