Friday, 9 September 2011

RoboKing Triple Eye spy robot vacuum cleaner

Before, there were vacuum cleaners, then came the vacuum cleaner robot considered a true technological feat. Now a new type of vacuum is emerging: the vacuum cleaner robot spy.

Indeed, the Korean manufacturer LG has designed a device that could shake up the game. This vacuum cleaner robot spy is called RoboKing Triple Eye. In addition to cleaning the house independently, it is able to do remote monitoring.

Triple Eye RoboKing embeds three independent cameras, hence the name. While he does the cleaning, vacuuming sends live video to its owner via a smartphone or PC. The device has a WiFi connection, to control it from anywhere. It is equipped with sensors that make it able to carry out a plan of the house. It also responds to voice commands. Silent, it emits only 48 dB when in use.

Count $ 480 for this vacuum three eyes. RoboKing was presented at IFA in Berlin.

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