Monday, 26 September 2011

Compilation of dreams

Assuming that the practice of the bike is very often a matter of passion and that one is never so well served as by oneself, Steve Pritchard, owner of a small British company called Mo2or, had an excellent idea of ​​integrating the bikers in the development process models that it plans to market it. The principle is simple: "The bikes are designed by pilots." Everyone can indeed come up with ideas, both in technical design, leading to a kind of ideal bike that will be produced in small quantities.
The first model of society, the result of six weeks of discussions and votes was soberly called MO2OR No.1. He is currently in pre-development.

The Peugeot 515 of 1933 revisited:

It is a young Italian designer, Simone Madella, this concept very futuristic bike inspired by the legendary Peugeot 515 1933. The fairing is made ​​of carbon fiber and the internal combustion engine of 500 cc which equipped its predecessor gave way to an electric motor integrated directly into the rear wheel.


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