Saturday, 17 September 2011

A glove for ultrasonic blind

Many concepts of gloves and other high-tech devices to wear on the hands to assist blind people in their daily lives. The latter concept is dated called Tacit. Tacit is a glove that embeds a system performance and miniaturized, designed to help blind people in their travels. The system contained in the glove consists primarily of ultrasonic sensors, microcontrollers and motors. Everything is managed by an Arduino mini-processor.  

When the wearer of the glove walking down the street for example, ultrasonic sensors detect all the elements around him. The microcontroller calculates the distance between the person and those elements that represent obstacles. The motors are activated when the wrist to create a feedback. It is this return that tells the user to bypass the barriers and routes to follow.

Tacit has a 9-volt rechargeable battery. This is a project envisioned by the designer Steve Hoefer. Those interested can order or make Tacit their gloves at the list of useful components, schematics and source code.


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