Sunday, 4 September 2011

Skydrops, a helium filled balloon that can collect clean water

Knowing that many parts of the world lack access to clean water, two Brazilian designers have created a concept that would do the greatest good to the inhabitants of these remote areas. The concept is called Skydrops. Skydrops is basically a balloon filled with helium, which has the capacity to collect clean water from the air. It is equipped with turbines that generate renewable energy.

This energy is then used by an embedded system in the balloon, responsible for the formation of the liquid. Inside the ball is metal sheets which are then cooled. The air that passes through the hole Skydrops condenses and passes from the gaseous to liquid state. On the other side will then form water droplets. To collect water, a pipe is installed at the rear of ball to direct the liquid to a tank on the ground.
The concept was devised by Murilo Gomes, Guilherme Rodrigues. Under climatic conditions similar to that of Brazil, Skydrops is able to generate 50 liters of water per day.

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