Friday, 9 September 2011

A bionic hand for a British teenager

In 2009, Touch Bionics has unveiled the first bionic finger function in the world. Since the field of bionic prostheses has come a long way. Recently, a young English girl has acquired a bionic hand.

Aged 15, Chloe Holmes, a teenager living in Swindon had lost his fingers as a child after suffering from sepsis. The story of the teenager was told by the BBC. Previously, she was using static rubber hands and could not properly engage in housework.

Ever since his parents bought him a new bionic hand with a value of 40,000 euros, it is more independent and is able to perform more actions. The bionic hand has a particularly long thumb for easy grip objects.

The experience of Chloe Holmes should motivate manufacturers bionic implants to advance the field to help all people with physical disabilities. Knowing more than an accident of the hand occurs every 20 seconds in France.

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