Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Universal Wireless Speakers

Libratone markets three different speakers: Beat, Live and Lounge. The Beat is the first model to be available in France and is one we have had the opportunity to try for this article. It comes in the form of a triangular section tower with speakers that radiate 360 degrees according to the method Full Room brand specific and aims to broaden the sound stage to give a feeling of space.
Beat The enclosure is also equipped with a wireless transmission system owner who offers an excellent level of performance similar to those technologies APTX Live APTX and Bluetooth as we have been able to verify in situ.

The Beat is thus provided with two adapters. The first type is USB and allows you to wirelessly stream the musk contained on a PC or Mac (maximum range of 30 meters). This is done effectively without any installation. On the Mac once the adapter plugged in, simply select the audio output USB and the sound of the remote computer is on the speaker Beat. PC is fully automatic and output switches automatically to the speaker. The effective range UPS is at least 20 meters indoors. The other really tiny adapter is designed for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad (maximum range of 10 meters). A smart connector can even recharge while you listen. The switch of the mobile device to the Beat is automatic and the scope is actually ten feet even with the walls. A report that once again it is the sound that is so remote and it works also with a third party application. All very friendly, works every time and is much better than the Bluetooth core.

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