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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Great sound

The Beat is a particularly user friendly since the device has only one command that is a button for selecting sources. The pairing of the wireless link with our various devices was done without any difficulty. Listening to the Beat Libratone offers a particularly clear sound reproduction, transparent, full of finesse and great detail. This is one of the few speaker independent (or docking station whatever the price) that allows you to listen in good conditions of classical music or jazz.

The Universal Wireless Speakers

Libratone markets three different speakers: Beat, Live and Lounge. The Beat is the first model to be available in France and is one we have had the opportunity to try for this article. It comes in the form of a triangular section tower with speakers that radiate 360 degrees according to the method Full Room brand specific and aims to broaden the sound stage to give a feeling of space.

Libratone: Hi-Fi Wireless speaker

Danish brand, offers Libratone sleek look and luxurious achievement, quite in the spirit of Scandinavian design. In addition to wireless connectivity and ease of use, these products claim performance worthy of the label High Fidelity. The speakers are Libratone top models adopting a design that stands out. They are made of lacquered wood and dress in haute couture fabric covers. In its standard version, the cache speaker is woven into a thick wool gray a little rough and from Italy.