Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Windows 8: time for change has arrived

For several years, financial analysts, journalists and even users question the ability of Microsoft to innovate and reinvent themselves. And now suddenly arrives as Windows 8 ... and changes everything! The system changes the habits of users, change the perception and use of "Apps", change the programming techniques, changes give the market clouds the issue,
distributes the cards, and opens up new opportunities to developers as equipment manufacturers.

By creating Windows 7 (with a few abilities "touch"), Microsoft realized that the current interface of Windows should not these new uses for the most tactile. With Surface, Windows 7 Phone, Kinect, Microsoft has experimented and developed new ergonomic concepts based on a new gesture. The choice boiled down to Microsoft or to choose a new system or re-imagine Windows reinventing the system and its interface.

We propose here to dive cold madness of the first adverts posted in the heart of the new system and find out why and how Windows changes the 8 ...

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