Friday 7 December 2012

Streaming Media

Renowned service providers have been catering high performance media server and video streaming software to large organizations, enterprises, and media properties interested in video digital screen to home television, mobile or computers. The company, a media server software company originated in the year 2005 and felt the need to provide products in the media server market. Towards early 2007 with the company’s focus to lower cost alternatives to Adobe Flash server, they experience rapid growth in the market and in the year 2009 introduced Wowza Media Server 2 server platform. The award winning Wowza Media Server 3 was introduced in 2011 as the next generation of streaming media software with value added components and single extensible foundation for screen delivery. Wowza Media Server 2 came out with simpe and cost effective features like adaptive bitrate (ABR), time shifted playback streaming as well as digital rights protection. With the help of Wowza Server Media, users were now capable of streaming expanded screens without the need of expensive infrastructure upgrades.

 With further upgrade in their quality of products in Wowza Media Server 3.5, it now became affordable and easy for users to deliver high volume of video and audio content from IP network to computers, (laptop or desktop), tablets, mobile phone or IP set top boxes. Due to its remarkable features and value added components et al, their products have made its niche in the market with excellence and cost effective factors and over 120,000 satisfied users in around 150 countries. The plus point of Wowza Media Server 3 is the high performance which is powerful multi threaded software that can deliver up to 10 Gbps per server video streaming on demand as well as live streaming on standard hardware. For further enhancement, protection, transformation, to deliver and manage the media streaming for live or on demand performance, a variety of free and attractive Add ons are offered which are Wowza Transcoder, Wowza nDVR, Wowza DRM and Streamlock Addon. Its unique features are designed to help users and give them an opportunity to reach wider audience, creating and engaging viewer experience, developing exceptional video messaging services and applications.

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