Monday 17 December 2012

Air Racer X - Car Remotely Operate with iPhone

This is the product of Parrot AR Drone who launched the first flying machine piloted by iPhone. This time they offer a remote control car for your iDevice (no matter the model). The Air Racer is neither more nor less than a big car. lt roughly weigh 850 grams on the scale and about 40 cm in length. With perfect design of wheels and gear system it can better move on the stony paths and steep slopes. It comes with a battery that can take care of charging before use. It takes approximately 4 hours to charge the battery for the first time. Once charged fix it in the car and now you can drive the car for a long hours. In the first few minutes of drive itself you can understand its swiftness and fastness of the care. Its speed is roughly 30Km per hour I am damn sure that thrills. There are three driving modes are available via the application. With the keys up and down left and right with the steering wheel you can maneuver the car. You can steer the car with the finger else you can do the function with the gyroscope built into the iPhone. Very cool isn’t it? The car meets all the guidelines of conduct. It runs on the rough road, on the ups and downs, steps. On the technical side this monster uses the Wi-Fi i.e. The car emits a signal that the iPhone detects the Wi-Fi up to the range of fifty meters. I found the car and operated it and I was quite comfortable with it. Very easy to handle. The car is mounted on good suspension and the wheels toothed for the good grip on the floor and its acceleration thrills. It is price 79.90 Euros. Not quite bad right?

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