Friday, 7 December 2012

Windows 8 OS not up to the gamers demand!

      Not only Microsoft, the peoples of the gaming industry also had great hopes in Windows 8 but after one month of its release the gamers found that the new operating system have little response to their choice. Despite the novel design and latest features are there in Windows 8 but it is lack of gamblers expectations. Really Windows 8 is a revolution for Microsoft and for the first time they have applied the cross platform principles of Apple and the Smartphone, tablet, console and PC are linked through a unified user interface.

     The Windows 8 has to face a lot of criticism from the gaming industry even though it’s initial sales displays a good start. Even before the release of Windows 8 Newell commented negatively about its operating system and described the OS as a disaster. He quoted the following reason for it: Windows 8 is different from its predecessors and it is designed as a closed as similar to that of Apple. This implies that Microsoft controls fully on which users can install and what should not. Hence any one selling online games on Windows online store is subject to abide by the Microsoft’s controls and requirement as similar to that of the Apple, it believed.

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