Sunday 26 September 2021

New Android Features Coming Soon

New Android Features  Coming Soon

Using Android, people can always look forward to getting improved performance throughout the year. Android mobiles come with new excellent features that make the life of people very easy. We have given here a few new Android features.

New Android Features Coming This Season

  • Enhanced Password Input and Gaze Detection:

This new feature is perfect for those who have motor disabilities. Using the voice access feature, you can navigate your phone and app with just your voice.

Gaze detection is useful when you want Voice Access to work while merely you will look at the display. As a result, it allows you to talk to your friends and use your mobile also.

Voice Access comes with improved Password input also. While you recognize any password field, it asks you to type letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Adjusting Regular Tasks Using Reminders From Assistant: 

Now, you can manage everyday tasks easily with the help of this feature. It enables you to adjust all reminders in one place. You merely have to say, “Hey Google, open my reminders." Here, users can see useful suggestions to recur reminders. With only a tap, you are capable of activating reminders.

The feature allows you to use your voice for making as well as automating the to-dos. Suppose you say, “Hey Google, remind me to water the plants every morning.” After setting this, Google must inform you at the correct time across your devices.

  • Add Images and Videos To A Passcode-Protected Area:

There is a Locked Folder in Google Photos that offers users a passcode-protected space. Here, users can keep their essential images, and videos well protected.

  • Earthquake Alerts System: 

The world’s largest earthquake detection network is now available for Android users to help them in emergency times. This free system notifies people in affected areas seconds before an earthquake is going to hit. As a result, people can take safety in advance. The Android Earthquake Alerts System is now available in New Zealand and Greece.

  • Express with Gboard:

Now, you are capable of giving your experience with the help of new additions to Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. Plenty of stickers over 1,500 are available now. Besides, the Gboard helps you to communicate quickly and more fluidly for making messages more fun.

Firstly, while you copy any text, it contains plenty of information like URLs, emails, Phone numbers, etc. The Gboard can extract the copy and separate them into different pasting options. Therefore, you can select the vital part from the text. Secondly, while opening a messaging app after you take a screenshot, Gboard allows you to share the screenshot. Android 11 or newer models come with the power of the machine learning feature. It helps to complete your sentence quickly.

  • Control Using Facial Gestures:

Two new excellent features available in Android are— Camera Switches and Project Activate. These accessibility features allow you to make facial gestures. The Camera Switches feature is available within the Android Accessibility Suite. It enables you to use your front-facing camera as a switch for navigation. This adaptive tool is capable of replacing a keyboard, mouse, etc.

With the help of the Project Activate feature, users can communicate and express themselves easily. Facial gestures and eye movements are useful for activating preset actions.

  • Control TV with Your Phone:

There is a built-in remote-control feature in your Android phone. It enables you to switch on your television, begin your favorite show directly from mobile. The keyboard helps to type complicated passwords, movie names, or search terms. Just include the remote tile to quick settings on your mobile or you can go to the Google TV app also.

We hope you will enjoy these new features a lot.

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