Thursday 23 September 2021

WatchOS 8 is Available ToDay

WatchOS 8 is Available ToDay

People can get this watchOS 8 model available in the market for the Apple Watch. But Apple has not given any release date of the model yet, however the Apple Watch Series 7 is going to release on September 14.

In this latest software update, you can see a new Mindfulness app, sleep app, Fitness Plus updates, etc. It may seem that it doesn't come with any huge changes. So, for confirmation, you can check out the features below.

There is good news for the old Apple Watch owners. It is that the model is compatible with all the similar devices that the old model watchOS 7 supported in the previous year. As a result, the Apple Watch 3 and its latest versions enable users to download the operating system.

Apple has announced to release their updates to their iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch line on September 14.

WatchOS 8 Release Date:

After the confirmation of the event on 14 September, the watchOS 8 model update was landed on September 20. Here, we have given its features, all the latest updates of the model, etc.

WatchOS 8 Supported Devices:

This watchOS 8 update supports all types of devices from the Apple Watch 3 and its latest versions. As the compatibility list of last year is similar to this year also, you can run the latest software easily.

Whether you are willing to upgrade to watchOS 8, then you will require an iPhone that's running iOS 15. Hence, you only are required to pair it with at least an iPhone 6S.

Features Of The Model:

It comes with a lot of smaller features that let you know how you use your Apple Watches normally. There wasn't any monumental upgrade previously. But a few quality of life improvements exist.

Wallet- Digital ID:

There is a wallet app available in this model. It comes with plenty of ways to interact with different things and places. A few of them have only Apple Watch 6 and their Ultra Wideband tech features. For example, it can unlock your car. This feature was unveiled first at WWDC 2020. Then, it began its journey from the driver's seat in each Apple press release.

In most cases, the Apple Watches are capable of offering benefits such as delivering additional digital keys to Wallet for their home, office, and hotel; use the wearables for making them unlocked, etc.

Most surprisingly, people who participate in the US states can include their driver's license or state ID in the Wallet. A few TSA checkpoints are going to begin accepting these digital IDs. You merely need to include them in the iOS Wallet app. Thus, you are capable of displaying them easily on the Apple Watch.

New Mindfulness App and Sleep Tracking:

It includes a Breathe app incorporated into the new Mindfulness app. Besides, the app has also been incorporated with the latest activity, known as Reflect. It allows you to walk through a variety of mindful sessions that are reflecting on previous events.

The Sleep tracking feature of the model enables you to monitor a new metric that we know as respiratory rate. With the help of this feature, you can measure breaths per minute. Besides, all the information fed into the Health app. It helps you to track the procedure of shifting health metrics over longer periods.

In the previous version of watchOS, i.e. watchOS 7, the sleep tracking feature lets them know about the time they spend in bed and asleep. It is all users could know from the previous version. They were unable to see advanced data about their overnight disturbances or sleep stages.

In this latest watchOS 8 model, Apple is going to develop a sleep app with metrics. Now, users get to know about their quality of sleep. The Apple watch helps to track your respiratory rate when you sleep. As our sleeping respiratory rate should be consistent, therefore any changes mean shifting in overall wellness.

Using a trend, you can identify your respiratory rate. To know more details about this, go to the Health app on your iPhone.

Workout App and Apple Fitness Plus:

It has a Workout app that comes with the two latest workout activities that are Tai Chi and Pilates. Each of these is a very relaxed and mindful exercise that is suitable for a yoga workout. These features come with custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms also.

In the Apple Fitness Plus watchOS app, you can see the new functionality. Picture in Picture support as well as other filtering options are a few examples of it. The watch allows you to transfer workouts seamlessly between devices. The feature first pauses exercise on one and thereafter begins it on another.

Fitness Plus includes additional workouts taking help from expert Jeanette Jenkins. It adds a new musical Artist Spotlight Series with the help of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys.

Photos and Portrait Watch Faces:

The Photo application comes with a new design that allows you to navigate collections. Besides, the Memories and Featured images generally sync to the Apple Watch from the iOS application. It has the latest Portraits watch face. With the help of this feature, you can turn all your Portrait-mode images into watch faces. This model also shows you the time or complications that are behind the person in the Portrait.

Messages and GIF Responses:

Messages come with more granular controls such as it twists the crown to move the cursor. Besides, it has the capability of searching and replying with GIFs. A new Contacts app is available in this new watchOS model. It helps users to browse, edit, and share contacts from this Apple watch.

There are a few new features also available in the Apple Watch features such as Intercom. It is an upgrade for the Home app that enables you to see who is at the door using features like a Live video feed.

This latest watchOS 8 model comes with a new Focus feature that you can see in iOS also. When you set Focus on your iPhone, it will carry over to the Apple Watch. Thus, you are capable of setting the notification settings to prioritize work, fitness, sleep, or do not disturb mode.

Better Messaging Tools:

While going to send a message, you can take the help of the scribble tool, the Emoji selector, or the dictation option. All these three options are available from the same screen. Besides, while you are going to dictate any message, if an error occurs in the transcription, then you can easily choose the word. Then, you should take help from Digital Crown for making corrections.

Users can share a GIF when they choose the magnifying glass icon. It is as similar as you can see on the iPhone. You can choose GIFs from the trending list. If necessary, then you can look for the GIF also which you prefer.

Flexibility for the Apple Watch Cyclists:

If you are a cyclist, then you will get benefits while using the model WatchOS 8. For example, it offers auto workout detection that is useful for bike riders. Besides, there is an auto-pause and resume option that doesn't count your workout time while you don't ride.

Apart from this, there is a fall detection available which is perfect for bike rides. Therefore, when the watch detects any type of tumble, it will call the emergency services automatically and notify emergency contacts. Apple said that there will be an update to WatchOS 8 later this year. This update will be available in Series 4 and later versions.

There are other workout features also such as audible feedback cues. Users can hear workout milestones like while you will close your activity rings.

You should know that the Apple Watch Series 6 model is going to be compatible with ultra-wideband, or UWB that is for car keys. It helps to unlock the vehicle and begin it remotely. You don't have to touch or tap anything on the watch. It usually relies on the vehicle manufacturer and is going to roll out later this year.

Additional Features of WatchOS 8:

  • There are plenty of timers that come with options for labeling timers using Siri. 
  • Extra apps in this model are compatible with the always-on display like Maps, Timers, and Phones. 
  • The Photos app allows you to surface the memories as well as featured photos. Additionally, it allows you to share images directly from the Watch with the help of Messages or the Mail app. 
  • With the help of the Home app, you can easily control accessories by room. Then, you are capable of transferring broadcast intercom messages from your wrist.


  • What watches will get watchOS 8?

The OS of the newest version of the Apple Watch, i.e. watchOS 8, is designed to run on modern Apple Watch models. This model supports the Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

  • Is watchOS 8 out?

The model was previewed at WWDC in June. But now it is delayed in its release.

  • How can you download watchOS 8?

To download the watchOS 8, first, navigate to the General option. Then, you are required to go to the Software update on the Watch app. If necessary, then you can download its update from your Apple Watch. But it is when you connect it to WiFi.

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