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Friday, 17 December 2021

Oppo Air Glass- AR Smart Glass

Oppo Air Glass

Oppo Air Glass, an AR device, is going to be released next year. Oppo Company defines it as an “assisted reality” product. We have given here its details, availability, and features.

Oppo Air Glass Features:


The device comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 processor. If you consider the weight of the device, you find it is only 30g (about 1oz). According to the company, the device should work 3 hours continuously and 40 hours on standby.


This product has two frame designs that are a silver half-frame and a black full-frame. Every frame comes in two sizes. This frame is produced in a CNC technique. There is a magnetic port inside of the frame, which is used to connect more conventional glasses. Due to the unique and attractive design, this device becomes a stylish tech accessory for regular wear.

When it comes to the feasibility of the glass design, you get to know that Oppo is also releasing spectacles frames in Black and Silver colors. When it comes to the Black color option, you will get a full-frame design. But the Silver variant is available in half-frame. The product comes with a design that can easily get stuck on the temple. People who wear spectacles can use the device with ease.


It comes with a tiny projector with Micro LED tech. The real brightness is up to 1,400 nits in average conditions. Users can operate this through touch, voice, hand tracking, and head tracking. Besides, it can be operated using the Smart Glass application and is available in Oppo’s ColorOS 11 or above.

According to the company, people can use this for notifications and directions. The device comes with features such as teleprompting and real-time translation. Its screen is monochrome and contains 16 or 256 levels of grayscale, but it relies on the type of device you are using. The company said that the product would receive a “limited release” in mainland China. They released their first in-house NPU chip also for enhancing machine learning-related imaging performance. We call this the MariSilicon X.


The company launched the product as a portable, and practical device that you can access with ease. This reality glass is equipped with a Spark Micro Projector with advanced micro-LED. It is a very compact projection system. This projector with micro-led throws the details on two layers of a scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal. The device's projector consists of a five-lens projection system. On the flip side, oppo Air Glass comes with a Sapphire Crystal which uses a bespoke diffractive optical waveguide.


The Air Glass is capable of setting a strong connection with Oppo smartphones and smart watches. As soon as you connect the device, you are capable of managing settings like brightness and sound volume. If you want, you can disable notifications wirelessly. Besides, you can use the control app to launch and disable apps.

When it comes to controlling the notifications, head gestures, voice, and touch are examples of some ways. When you use the device, you merely have to nod your head to open a notification. If you want to dismiss the notification, then you have to shake your head side-to-side. If you're willing to see the notification in full, you need to tap the Air Glass' touch bar that is available on the side. With the help of the glass, you can switch between multiple apps. If you are considering real-time notification alerts, you can use the product for checking weather updates and calendar meetings.

If you talk about other features, these include a teleprompter mode and a translation mode. If you want, you are capable of tapping the touch bar for moving translated text on the glass. The device enables users to enjoy hand gesture tracking features with the Oppo Watch. Through this process, you can move the text. The product can help you to convert the voice into text and then it helps you to translate into a preferred language.

Air Glass Supported Language: 

The device is compatible with the translation between Chinese and English. However, the company said that the device is going to be compatible with Korean and Japanese languages also.

Oppo Air Glass Price & Availability:

Oppo has not yet revealed the price of the Air Glass. According to the virtual conference on Tuesday at Inno Day, this glass will be a limited-edition device. People can get this available in the first quarter of 2022 in China.

The product provides a navigation feature that you are capable of using while walking, running, and cycling. You can enjoy the Baidu Maps because of the collaboration between Oppo and Baidu for the navigation feature.

It is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity support. Besides, the product contains a speaker and dual microphones. According to the company, after mobiles, and smartwatches, this glass is going to be the third screen for consumers.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

How to Minimize Privacy Risks from Smart Gadgets

Smart Gadgets Echo

Smart Gadgets are prone to Security Risks

As the number of smart gadgets keep increasing, they make our homes smarter and lives easier. On the flip side, the smart gadgets are prone to security risks thus making them vulnerable to hacking.
There are a number of smart gadgets that have become vulnerable and prone to security risks. The Amazon Echo smart speaker had sent a private conversation to an acquaintance thus increasing the risk of the new voice-enabled technology.

Another smart gadget in the form of a smart doll which was seemingly a harmless toy was in fact a security risk. The smart gadget was used by hackers to intercept conversations over the connection.

A smart car too is not free from security risks. According to security researchers, the common car gadgets were vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The telematic control unit (TCU) are used for navigation, voice and data communication. The researchers were able to attack one of the TCU gadgets which was basically used to track per-mile insurance. The device that was installed in the car enabled them to hack into the car’s systems thereby taking complete control of all the functions of the car.

Let us take into account another smart gadget like the smart fridge. It is easy to get all the information regarding the user’s Gmail. A hacker can intercept all communications over a compromised internet connection. The home network that is connected to the smart fridge becomes vulnerable. According to the security researchers, a flaw in the SSL integration makes it easy for the hackers to access the network and in turn keep a track on all the activity linked to the user name and password that connects the fridge to the Gmail.

Various ways of protecting the smart gadgets from cyber attacks 

There are a few ways to ensure that your smart gadgets are safe from hackers. We can adopt certain practices to make our homes and personal data safe.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the network that enables all the smart gadgets is secure. Make sure that you do not connect to open or any public Wi-fi. On your home Wi-fi, enable password protected access. In case you have a default password on a router, make sure to change it.

On all the smart gadgets that are connected, make sure that all the operating systems are updated.
Get a secure router where the network security is enhanced.

Buy smart gadgets with added security. 

If the smart gadget that you are using is a smart speaker, then you can turn off the microphone button so that any private conversations are not prone to attacks.

In the case of smartphones you can turn off the mic access to all the apps except those apps used for video conferencing or voice recorders.

You can cover the camera of your smart gadgets like laptops or smartphones to prevent spying. The security camera in the house can be turned towards the wall when you are at home.

Since we are in an age where smart gadgets have become a part of our daily lives, we should make sure that we buy devices after checking out the reviews and also check out videos that will keep you aware of the security risks and glitches.