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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Linkedin Creates Three Privacy Features to Protect Users Account

As we can see that hacking all around the world has increased to a great extent that too in a professional way. It has become difficult for the users to keep their precious information safe anymore. Recently, the mass celebrity photos were leaked by the hackers, which became the main concern for the people all across the globe as well as the government.

So, LinkedIn which follows the policy of “Members First” have taken a vital step to provide protection to the users account. And as a starting step, LinkedIn has proposed three security tools, in order to provide more control to the users over the vital data associated with their account.

Having more hold on your account is important as you never know who’s having eye on you or using it seating far away from you. Keeping all the factors in mind it has designed three special tools to provide more access to the users to their account. These tools include browsing history, varying password details and transparency of data.

Activity History:- 

It is nothing but a tool that helps you know all the devices on which a user is logged into. It helps a user to find out whether someone has gained access to their account without permission or not.
One can perform this task by going to settings and clicking on the option “view the sign in devices”. This will help you to check the devices that have access to your account and you can log out of any device at instant itself just from the same tab itself.

Changing password details:- 

This additional feature added by LinkedIn, will inform the users in the form a mail that includes information like date, time, device, browser, operating system, IP address, in case if you change your password or anyone else.

This is a protective tool added, as the hacker can be tracked easily if they try to change the password of your account. This will also provide you with the approximate physical location from where the changes have been made.

Data Transparency

Finally, it added an additional feature that allows its users to transport all of their LinkedIn data to their desired device. This will help the users to monitor each and everything that they have done or not done on LinkedIn, thereby providing them easy access to check whether anyone else has posted or searched something using their account or not.

Users can utilize this feature by going to settings tab and selecting the option “download your data” and the information including updates, activity, IP records and searches will be transferred to the desired place.


As there are lots of hackers hunting down people through their accounts, it is advisable to the people to check their settings in order to see if these features are available to them or not. So just make use of these valuable tools and secure yourself from being targeted by these hackers.

Friday, 12 April 2013

LinkedIn buys Pulse $ 90 million

The professional social network LinkedIn, with its 200 million members internationally, has announced the acquisition of the start-up Pulse, originally founded in 2010 by two students at Stanford University. Pulse is a mobile application that makes reading news reports and blogs available on the web. This platform is used by over 30 million users on iOS and Android, from 190 different countries. The application is available in nine different languages, and more than 40% of its users are outside the United States. The acquisition brings the talent (human resources), technology and all products developed since the inception of the company. According to the press release, the transaction is closer to 90 million U.S. dollars and consists of 90% stocks and 10% cash. The transaction may be concluded with the authorities in the second quarter of 2013. Most of the technology giants tried to acquire the Pulse but it was possible only for LinkedIn. LinkedIn gets their hands on a little gem that will allow it to diversify its activities. The stock as LinkedIn continues to rise near its annual high of 179$ this morning, which is nearly 90 times the expected earnings per share for the next year. It is trading in a fluctuating between 88.00 and U.S. $ 184.15 in the past 52 weeks range.