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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to Resolve Bluestacks Graphics Driver Issues

Bluestacks is an amazing software that allows to run android games and apps on computers. Playing android games on big computer screen is so much fun and only gamers addict will understand this. But the system requirement is very high for Bluestacks. It needs a good and updated graphic card along with 2 GB RAM. And if these requirements are fulfilled then android apps and games will run smoothly but many people face problem in installing Bluestacks due to some errors.

The main error that is observed in most of the system is: “Bluestacks graphic card error 25000” or there may be some more but this is the common error faced. The message displayed in this error is something like this: “ Error 25000: Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphic card. There is a possibility that your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try to reinstall.

So today in this post we will see how to resolve Bluestacks graphics driver error. We will first see what are the main reasons that lead to graphics driver error and then we will discuss some amazing tricks which you can use to successfully install Bluestacks in your PC.

What are the reasons for Bluestacks Graphic Card Error?
Since Bluestacks is very heavy software it will require a highly configured and updated system. So main reason for Bluestacks graphic card error is:

The two graphics cards in the system are Direct3D of Microsoft which is proprietary software and OpenGL which is used to run the android applications. So if you are not updating the windows operating system regularly then OpenGL will not be updated as frequently and regularly as Direct3D. So when we install and run the Bluestacks then it shows the error 25000. So not updating the system is one of the main reasons for this issue so we need to fix it.

How to resolve Bluestacks graphics driver error?
So now we are familiar with the reason for the graphics driver error so now let’s see some useful tricks that will help us to fix this error:

1. The first thing that you can try is to update your graphic card driver because this will not only help you to run the Bluestacks smoothly but also it will allow you to enjoy the latest and advanced software and games. It will be good to enable java in your web browser before updating them. The entire graphics card whether it is Intel chipset or AMD or nVIDIA can be updated easily. You can Google it and learn how to update them.

2. Also update your DirectX. May be this can also help you because in most cases it has worked successfully.

3. Since graphic card requires high power energy that is not enabled by laptop batteries so android applications may not run smoothly on PC. So always try to give a live power supply to the PC while running android apps or games. You can test it and feel the difference.

4. If these tips are not working then simply download the older version of Bluestacks and that old version will easily support your outdated system. But this will not support advanced games like temple run but it will successfully run some basic android applications like WhatsApp.

5. There are some software which will help you to bypass the graphics driver error 25000. Orca is one of them. You can learn about this more in Google.

So these are some useful tips that will help you to resolve the Bluestacks graphics driver error and even I would like to suggest you to update the graphic card driver and if you have very old then replace it because it will not only help to install Bluestacks successfully but it will also help you to run other advanced software in your system.

So always be updated with technology. In later posts we will also come with some more amazing tricks so stay connected.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

How To Download WhatsApp In Windows With Blue Stacks

In this article we provide necessary information on, how to install Whatsapp on computers especially in windows 7 and windows 8. It can be done by two ways to install Whatsapp, the first method is by using Blue stacks and the second method is by without using Blue Stacks.

Ø Whatsapp is a messenger which is normally used in mobile, it’s a application which works on various operating systems like android, iOS, etc. Whatsapp works only with the presence of internet connection.

Ø By using this you can chat with anybody over the globe for free of cost.

Ø While using you are not needed to remember your username and password, this will be working like a normal message services which present default in your mobile.

Ø You can also avail group chat in your Whatsapp.

Ø Here you can also send the multimedia messages by using Whatsapp in free of cost.

Ø The Whatsapp is completely free for anyone who using it for one year after one year after one year you need to pay $0.99 for using it further.

Download and install WhatsApp in windows PC with Blue Stacks
It is so easy for you to install the Whatsapp on windows computers.

In order to download and install Whatsapp in your windows PC you should have the Blue Stacks. You can download it from the internet.

Here we have given how to install the Whatsapp on windows computer by using Blue stacks.

Ø The blue stacks isan emulator i.e. android app player. By using it you can you will be allowed to play the android apps in your PC.

Ø Once you finished installing the blue stacks in your computer. Then search for “Whatsapp” in the search box of the emulator if you are not having it you can download it from the app stores.

Ø After downloading the Whatsapp you need to install it in your computer. For using it with the blue stacks.

Install and using WhatsApp by using YouWave
When the Whatsapp is installed using blue stacks in the computer many of you are getting numerous problems in your pc, like computer is being hanged for some time and becoming very slow. In order to avoid this we are introducing another method, which uses YouWave which overcome the problems which are caused to the computer by using blue stacks.

You can download the YouWave from the internet. But the poor thing is it will not be available for free of cost. But it can be downloaded as a trail version for a week. Using the Whatsapp with this you wave is so easy. You can collect this application from any of the app stores which includes Google play store. The awesome feature of the YouWave is you are allowed to export the downloaded app to anywhere you wish.
By using any of the above given methods you can easily install the Whatsapp in your PC and you can enjoy unlimited chatting!