Friday, 25 January 2013

Google X Phone

X Phone, the first Smartphone designed 100% by Google which was announced earlier in 2012. Based on information collected by the site Droid Life, X Phone, the first Smartphone designed entirely by Google through its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, could be unveiled in May 2013 for marketing in July. The X Phone is already the subject of rumors since last December. The Wall Street Journal announced as the Smartphone would have too many “advanced features" but if a folding screen was the order of the day, it does not finally dispose.

Today we learn more through Droid Life. According to the information from the site which is specializing in news of Android phones, the X Phone will be presented in May during the developer conference Google I / O and the marketing is scheduled for July 8. The X Phone is not marketed under the brand name "Nexus" but would have the same interface without overlay and will be sold on the online store “Google Play”. If the information in Droid Life and the Wall Street Journal would prove correct, it would be the first Smartphone developed entirely in-house by Google with the acquisition of Motorola's mobile division in August 2011.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mobile Monitoring

With great changes and improvement done in the field of technology, mobiles applications are the most convenient devices in the overall performance of many users; with up gradation taking place at amazing speed. Reliable online service providers providing the much needed assistance in mobile monitoring are available rendering real end user experience of any application, anywhere at any time on any device. Mobile is a widely used important device for business and personal means of communication where a majority of businesses are making use of the line of business applications accessible through mobile devices with more businesses making plans to deploy custom mobile applications for future progress. This service provider renders flexible and comprehensive monitoring strategy for various types of iOS as well as Android applications like Native mobile applications, supporting binary application instrumentation, a SDK for mobile applications developers, for mobile web applications including HTML5, supports dynamic JavaScript instrumentation and for virtual mobile application, supports monitoring XenApp and VDI delivered mobile. They also continuously collect detailed service, device and network information which can be responsible for the application performance and the problems faced.

 Besides determining and detecting mobile application performance and problems, they also identify the root cause of unsatisfied user experience, contributing factors that can enhance the mobile application performance with its advanced analytics which may be due to poor Wi-Fi connection or cellular network, roaming or in call status, CPU load or low power mode, slow URLs or target Server etc. They also present a correlated and integrated business view on transaction response times with networks, device and service metrics which enables support team with real time and historical analysis on performance problem thereby reducing MTTR as well as preventing outages reoccurring again. Besides this they also provide unified management for end user experience not only for mobile users but also for desktops and physical machines. With their comprehensive monitoring system for mobile applications, they are the leaders in providing a unified view of end user for all transactions on any device at any time at any location. For more information, users could check at the site and get acquainted with the services available to the users.

Google’s 50 billion sales in 2012

Google yesterday unveiled the excellent results for its fourth fiscal quarter and the year. "We finished 2012 with a big quarter," said Larry Page, CEO. The Mountain View company has recorded a turnover of 14.42 billion (10.84 billion Euros) in the fourth quarter, up 36% year on year. This is a best result well above market expectations which called for 12.36 billion dollars. Larry Page described that they had reached $ 50 billion in revenue for the first time last year - not bad in just a decade and a half". Google has indeed recorded 50.18 billion dollars (37.72 billion Euros) in revenue in 2012, an increase of 32%. Profit totaled 10.7 billion.

 Unsurprisingly, it is advertising that pays the most Internet giant. It is no less than 43.7 billion in revenue over the last year a 20% more than the previous year. In contrast, the cost per click (CPC, the amount paid by an advertiser for each click on an advertisement) is down by6% from the previous year. Larry Page, however, that provides mobile business "progressing very well" and mapping services, Google Maps in mind, would certainly be "a good source of income." Motorola remains the case, the manufacturer that Google acquired last spring. In the fourth quarter, Motorola Mobility posted a loss from operations of $ 353 million - sales totaled $ 1.5 billion. Google will separate the TV business of Motorola this year to $ 2.35 billion.

Friday, 18 January 2013


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Two Way Radios

Service providers for two way radios in communication applications are available at reliable site catering to the needs of their consumers. With a two way radio system, the operator can have a conversation or listen with other similar radio operating channel or frequency which can be used for indoor, outdoor or family use and are an ideal option in hospitals, manufacturing and campus use, theatres, government offices, large, medium or small business etc. They are equipped with a wide selection of options to choose from, some of which are available in stationery, mobile or hand held portable form, which can be viewed at their site, together with accessories of best brands in the market and they strive to provide only the best quality products to all their customers. Being in bulk business since 1997, they have built up lasting relationship with top rated quality two way radio manufacturers enabling them to offer their products at affordable prices to all their customers. They also offer free shipping for two or more products of two way radios which can be great money savers on the purchases done at the site though this offer is valid only for a limited period and users should take this opportunity while they are available.

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