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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Microsoft DirectX 12 Will Be Released in 2015

Direct 3D
The next version of DirectX and Direct3D will appears at the end of 2015, Microsoft said. The new version of the hardware interface will be closer and with better support, among other multi-core systems. As Expected first games appear end of 2015, based on the upcoming Direct3D 12 interface.

The Microsoft gave it known at GDC 2014 in San Francisco. In the coming months there will be a preview version of DirectX 12, an extensive Early Access offer for developers is planned. The new version of the graphics interface supports as expected not only for Windows PCs, but also the Xbox One and Windows Phone.

 Which versions are supported by Windows, is not yet clear and not yet disclosed. The serious question about Windows 7 is not answered. On the basis of presentation Microsoft has demonstrated, among others, 3DMark, that the new version of Direct3D brings much better support for multi core CPUs that were different from the currently issued of the interface utilized almost evenly.

Representatives of key partners such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Epic Games and Qualcomm have explicitly welcomed the new version of Direct3D. Microsoft will announce later this week  more information about DirectX, in  another major event instead.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Microsoft Announces DirectX 12 On March 20

DirectX 12
The Game Developers Conference to be host the late giant, which must unveil the new version of the API dedicated to the video game. The Windows - maker Microsoft has announced a new version of its graphics platform DirectX - DirectX 12 In a blog entry on the developer side of the Microsoft Developer Network, this is the company’s first published preliminary info. Microsoft will announce on March 20 the new version of DirectX API dedicated to video game developed over the years by the giant.

He unveiled at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, during a session on the future of DirectX. According Polygon, eight workshops dedicated to Microsoft DirectX 11, but prepare the future. The giant did not hide it also, which gave appointment on the date specified by the newspaper on MSDN. Microsoft made a trailer focused on machine performance, and their exploitation by video games. Several presentations sessions of GDC are however state the future of graphics, Direct3D, etc.

Each time, they promise the developers for a unprecedented level of control equipment and increased to a broad hardware ecosystem performance. In short, if you are sure that the new version of the API will be presented on March 20 - and that's a good thing, the previous major version for Windows from before 2009 - there are quite a few details the direction taken by Microsoft.

Microsoft announces new graphics platform DirectX 12. Microsoft's announcement page shows next to the DirectX logo and the logos of AMD's graphics division, Intel, Nvidia and Qualcomm – The good thing is it is likely to be that DirectX 12 will be equipped on desktop computers and mobile platforms such as Smartphones and tablets with new graphics capabilities.