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Friday, 25 December 2015

Google Gets in on the Star Wars Fun with Clutch of Interactive Easter Eggs

After almost a decade Stars Wars saga comes live to the theatre this weekend and it has captivated the fans like cultural celebration frenzy. Google has even jumped the Star Wars bandwagon by rolling out the Easter eggs which offers an interactive way of fighting stormtroopers on the computers. Google has even gone further with overwhelming fan frenzy seen throughout the world by bringing Search text crawl with words –“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”.

Google brings Stars Wars fun to browser

Google has introduced Lightsaber Escape on Wednesday, which is an old fashioned ‘rail shoooter’ style app which can be played in the Chrome browser. In order to play this highly interactive and simple game one has to have a fast internet connection.

Google has also launched a large Cardboard VR module specially designed for the Star Wars where users can interact with droids, watch the spaceship crashes like never and even receive about various alien worlds. It should be noted that this new Star Wars movie will reveal a new desert planet named ‘Jakku’.

Google has ascertained that marketing partnership during the run up for the Star Wars Force Awaken poses just minimal hardship to its staff. Clay Bavor, the vice president of product management at Google even said that their hall in data centers are filled with people dressed like Darth Vaders, stormtroopers and dogs dressed like Yoda, which shows the height of Star Wars frenzy.

Disney brings marketing push for Star Wars

Disney has launched a marketing blitz for Star Wars Force Awakens, which ranges into millions of dollars in expenses. It should be noted that Paramount has launched a similar marketing blitz to promote the Iron Man 2 where more than $100 million dollars were spent in marketing. Disney is known for utilizing its own platforms for cross-promoting the movies. Disney has launched the Star Wars promo and every Marvel trailer on its own TV network and on ABC during the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Disney gets together with Google for marketing push

Disney is feeling pressure of the shareholders after making $4 billion acquisition payout for the Star Wars. Disney is bringing some strategic advertising integration to make money out of the fan frenzy surrounding the Stars Wars saga new movie. The partnership with Google is a longstanding one which has been present since the launch of early smartphone Droid with branding partnership between Google Lucas Film and other popular hardware manufactures HTC and Motorola.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, has revealed in May that it will recruiting new fans along with some famous celebrities as a part of its adverting strategy for the film. Disney has justified its adverting and marketing spree around the Stars Wars by stating that a whole generation of people are not as much stepped in the Star Wars lore as the older generation. Hence, this marketing spree will help in connecting with the younger generation and it will educate them about the cultural significance of this incredible Star Wars franchise.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Draw Something: these exceptional drawings - I

 Star Wars

Draw something is applying star of the moment. Especially, it has already produced some notable productions. Drawings of unusual, so pushed into the details it is hard to believe they were carried out on a smartphone or tablet.

If you too are players Draw Something, know that Mono-live has launched a call for papers on the forum. Your best drawings may well be published on our Facebook page.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lightsaber keychain or key ring of the Jedi

To give a little balm to the heart of fans of the Star Wars saga, the Firebox site introduced on its website a key ring inspired by the legendary lightsaber in the film. Key rings are named "Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain." Available in three models. These are actually torches emitting bright lights. Choose from: Yoda model with a green light, the model Luke has a blue light and the model Darth with a red light.