Monday 10 July 2017

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

What happened when you have lost your precious files from PC, laptop, or any removable device? Obviously, you will be disappointed, and you will be looking for some data recovery software's to recover the data from your device. But, are all the data recovery software's reliable? To find out an answer, you have to read several reviews from reliable sources and try out data recovery software. Since data recovery software's can re-instate the data for you, but if it doesn’t work properly, then they might destroy your data permanently. So, we have a got trustworthy source of free data recovery software named as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard features multiple wizards

  •  PC data recovery wizard: You can recover the files easily from hard drives, SSDs, or external hard drives from your PCs, laptops, and servers. This wizard can also help you to recover the formatted or lost partition. 
  •  Memory card recovery wizard: You can recover the data quickly from the corrupted or damaged memory card which includes SD card, memory stick, Micro Card, and CF card. 
  •  USB Drive Recovery Wizard: You can recover the files from the flash drive, USB drive, pen drive and other removable storage devices, where the files were lost due to formatting, accidental deletion, or virus attack. 
  •  Other digital device recovery wizard: You can recover the lost data easily from the digital devices like mobile phones, digital camera, music and video player, and iPod where the files were lost due to formatting, hardware crash, deleting and other reasons. 

Now save your data from different crisis

EaseUS Data Recovery Software allows you to restore data from many situations like hard drive corruption, formatting, deletion, and virus attack especially because of malware/ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover the files from below situations: 

  •  Formatted drives 
  •  Hard Drive failure 
  •  Accidental Deletion 
  •  System Crash 
  •  Virus Attack 
  •  RAW partition 
  • Partition Loss 
  •  And many more reasons 

Advantages of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  •  You don't need to be experienced to use this wizard; you can easily recover the data just following step by step to recover everything back. So, this wizard is easy and safe wizard to retrieve the files from PCs, laptops, and servers. 
  •  After, you scan the data which needs to be recovered it gives you the clear preview picture about the data which are going to be retrieved, and it will get you the lost files back fast and in good quality. 

How to use the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard? 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the great file recovery software, where you can recover the files quickly and securely. You need to follow the below steps:

  •  You need to install this software and then select the location from where you want your files to be recovered. 
  •  Then, click on Scan, and it will show you the set of files which were lost. 
  •  Also, it has the option of deep scan where you can look for more lost files. 
  •  Once the scan is completed, you can preview the results of the scan. 
  •  Then, click on Recover the retrieve the lost files.

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