Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Five Ways Fitness Centers are Using Digital Signage

 Digital Signage
A large fitness center may have hundreds, even thousands of members who visit every year. These members need to be aware of the rules of the center as well as receive the latest news about changes going on within the facility. The process of delivering information can be done efficiently with the help of digital signage. Colorful, easy to read digital signage captures the attention of most people giving them the information they need to fully enjoy the fitness facility. Checkout five ways fitness centers use digital signage to communicate with members.  

To Make Announcements

A growing fitness center may be undertaking new construction. Perhaps a modernized exercise room is being built or a new swimming pool is being installed. Members need to know about these construction projects and how this activity will affect the exercise classes. Digital signage can inform members of time changes for various classes and where they will be held if the location changes due to construction. Digital signage is helpful to members and is easy for the owners of a fitness center to change as necessary.  

To Introduce Products

 Some fitness centers advise members to take certain products in order to improve their health. For instance, maybe the owners of a fitness center want their members to try a particular vitamin proven to increase a person’s energy level. The owners could use digital signage to advertise the vitamin and explain its benefits. Or, perhaps there is a new piece of equipment coming soon to the fitness center. Owners may want to use digital signage to stir curiosity about this new piece of equipment by displaying an image of it as well as a description. By the time the piece of equipment arrives at the center, there are sure to be many members anxious to give it a try.

 To Introduce New Staff Members

 A fitness center with aerobics, yoga, spinning, weight-lifting and other types of classes probably has a large group of employees. When a new staff member arrives at the center, owners can introduce the person via digital signage. This gives members a chance to get to know the person’s background, level of experience and what sorts of classes the person will be teaching. It may even persuade some members to try a class they’ve never tried before! One example of a resource for fitness centers and other businesses interested in digital signage is www.navori.com.  

To Instruct Members Regarding the Exercise Equipment

Some pieces of exercise equipment in a fitness center are easy to figure out. Others require a little instruction before a member can use them. Digital signage is useful for taking members through the steps of using unfamiliar pieces of fitness equipment. Once a member understands the instructions, he or she will become more confident with every use.  

To Advertise Rules Related to Safety

Most fitness centers have certain rules and guidelines to promote the safety of the people who belong to the facility. For instance, one common rule is to avoid wearing loose clothing when walking on a treadmill. Loose clothing could get caught in the conveyer belt and cause injury. These types of safety rules could be displayed by digital signage around the facility.

Also, digital signage could be used to make members aware of guidelines regarding conduct in the locker rooms. Picking up clothing items, wearing sandals in the showers and making sure valuables are stored in lockers are just a few examples of guidelines to put on digital signage. Lastly, digital signage is useful to the members of a fitness center because it allows them to get accurate, up-to-date information right away.

So, if there is a last-minute time change or instructor change for a class, members can read about it as they come in. Digital signage can help the owners of a fitness center provide their members with first-rate customer service.

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