Wednesday 2 May 2018

Working in DevOps Requires a Unique Set of Skills

Devops is a unique job in that it combines software development with operations management. As such, if you want to make this your career, you must hold an eclectic set of skills. You can do it. In fact, to help you out, here is a list of skills many believe make for a good devops engineer. Don’t forget to get your bachelor’s degree in software development. You can then move on and earn your master’s degree in operations management for the well-rounded education you will need for the job.

People Skills

One of the primary responsibilities of any person working in devops is to be the liaison between a business’ development and operations teams. You must be able to work with everyone on a project from concept through fruition. In fact, part of your responsibility will be to manage the workflow that allows the project to move forward. If you understand people, and how to get them together to work toward a common goal, you may be invaluable when it comes to devops jobs.

Technology Skills

Of course, each project will require different technology to make it happen, so you will also need to possess a broad understanding of various technologies out there. You must be knowledgeable in cloud, container concepts, continuous integration, deployment, infrastructure automation, orchestration, and source control. Ron Gidron from Automic Software explains that the best devops engineers are people who remain curious at all times.

Security Skills

All of this technology must be locked down, so you’ll also need to know a thing or two (or a million) about security. Because putting development and operations together streamlines processes, it increases the time in which a project is completed. This looks good on the bottom line, but it also opens up new networks to vulnerabilities. You must combine your knowledge of development and operations to ensure you protect the project against any security risks. Can you write security code?

Automation and Testing Skills

Because part of your job will be to develop network infrastructures, you will need to be savvy with automation and testing. In fact, James Giles IV of Datical states automation is one of a devops engineer’s primary jobs. You should be able to write scripts to automate administrative and engineering roles. This streamlines network processes and keeps any lists of manual tasks consistent for all IT and other applicable personnel. You need to test the systems, too, so make certain you have that experience.

Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have an exact job outlook for devops positions, the closest thing to this career is a software developer. That job outlook looks good – so good in fact, demand for good developers is projected to increase a whopping 24 percent by the year 2026. The average median salary for software developers in 2017 was over $100,000, and when you take into account you’ll earn more because you’ll manage operations, too, devops is a great career choice.

If you have the determination to succeed, you will – no matter what you choose to do. In the case of devops, the career is dynamic, exciting, and lucrative. With the right combination of education and experience, you should have no trouble securing a job in this field.

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