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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Typing Without The Help Of A Keyboard

Air Type
Things develop over time; it evolves and takes the form of something better. In this era of technology and science, it is happening faster than expected. A company based in the beautiful city of Texas, has come up with a brand new technology that will forever change the life of the individuals who spends hours in front of the computer.

Mostly everything that we do with the help of a computer has to do with typing. Pressing keys for hours is not entirely a soothing idea and it often leads to cramping of the finger muscles. Airtype Project that is taken up by this hardware company in Texas have considered all this possibilities and has come up with a brand new technology that will make it possible for the user to type without using a keyboard. Interesting, isn’t it?


The Airtype project has come up with a device that has no visual component whatsoever. It comes with a cuff – like unit that picks up sensors. It is placed around the hand near the knuckles. It is like a friendly little bracelet that goes around the knuckles, picks up the signals of the moments that the fingers make while typing, and predicts the keys accordingly. Thus, one can easily move the fingers on any invisible surface and the knuckles will ensure that it projects what the user was hoping to communicate and one could do that without using a keyboard.

The best part this technology also comes with a useful application that very wisely incorporates text predictions and the dynamic feature of text correction. This will help the user achieve more with little efforts. This project taken up by the Texas based Company is probably the first step towards easier typing technologies.

According to the website of Air Type, to make the lives easier for the users the system will further incorporate the unique typing habits of the user concerned. And make the necessary adjustments so that the user could follow the similar pattern on any surface and the sensors picks up the right signal and the communication is easy.


A lot of people involved in several professional sectors are waiting for this technology to hit the market. Unfortunately, they will have to wait a little bit longer this amazing technology is still in the prototype stage. The developers are willing to launch the product only after running few test runs.

Before this, it was only in movies and science fiction novels that an idea like this was encountered but this will soon become a reality. All of this is possible because of the undying efforts of the developers of Air Type. This is one product that will surely make significant changes once it hits the market and it is indeed one of the first baby steps towards brighter and smarter technologies that will make lives of the user a lot easier and ensure better work every time.