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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Nexus X – The First Android L Smartphone

Nexus X
The Nexus X (instead of Nexus 6) is highly anticipated smartphone for 2014, which is rumored to be launched by Google sometime this year – most probably being Halloween. As with last year’s pitch, Google might launch is without a separate announcement and sell it through its play store unlocked across the world. This would be the first smartphone to launch with Android L – the next major version of android with a facelift in form of a more modern design and pastel color palette.

The Expected Specifications

Internally, the Smartphone goes by the codename “Shamu” and its latest appearance was on AnTuTu benchmarks whose screenshots were leaked by TKtechnews and it referred to the phone as “Nexus X” – thus a departure from the usual numbering system. The leaked images confirm a 2.7 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, 3 GB of RAM, Adreno 420 GPU – the fastest mobile GPU in market, a 13 MP camera with OIS and flash, and a 2.1 MP front facing camera. The images also confirm a 1440×2560 4K resolution with either 5.2’’ or 5.9’’ LCD IPS screen along with 32 GB and 64 GB non-expandable memory.

Android L in Tow

Nexus X will launch with Android L out-of-box – maintaining the tradition of Nexus line. Google has brought some major changes to the Android OS with a complete facelift. Google dubs it as the “Material Design” philosophy, which emphasizes light backgrounds, accented edges and shadows to give a feeling of depth without fancy 3D animations. The subtle animations present are intuitive and help to improve UX. The button overlays similarly are floating in nature with distinct colors and shadows. Further, notifications are improved with the most important ones grabbing your attention only with an improved lock screen.

Pricing and Availability

The Smartphone is being made by Motorola this time – which was recently acquired by Lenovo from Google. The most expected date of release would be October this year during Halloween. A recent screenshot from French retailer “Fnac” shows the Nexus X 64 GB Black version being available at €449 unlocked though the credibility of the leaks is in question. Fnac’s databases are not the safest and the leak could have been manufactured by hackers so take it with a pinch of salt. Earlier it was said the Nexus X would be priced at $ 499.99 by Best Buy for a 2-year contract on Sprint in the US. Though the impending launch of Apple’s next iPhone might make Google launch it on all carriers at once. It will be available internationally unlocked via Google’s Play Store.


With iPhone 6 coming in Q3, Google is gearing up to launch its own Nexus X with the latest Android L in tow (which might go by the name “Lemon Meringue” once launched) and the top of the line hardware at competitive prices. Availability, performance and pricing will determine how the device performs. Further people are eager to get their hands on Android L, first demoed in Google I/O, which should definitely help the Smartphone.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Android L: The Invention in the Technical Era

Android L
Today Android emerges as the most sophisticated operating system that incorporates multiple smart features serving as the source of entertainment for the users. Android L appears as one of the new launches that accumulate the beneficial feature with a smart approach. However, it is on the way and is recognized as the feasible attribute that supports the smartphones with a better outlook.
However, Google does not reveal the entire information but it is on the way coming up with the useful aspects for the benefits of the users. The Android L incorporates a complete new interface that would grab the attention of the users.

A New Form of Android

Android L therefore comes out as the new identity for the Android operating system. Once, you start utilizing the feature you can understand how it implements the advanced attributes representing the efficiency of technology. Acknowledge the smart technical outfit ensuring that you are able to achieve a desired position in the contemporary civilization. A particular Company comes up with the outstanding idea that gets familiar as the Android L. Furthermore, it would accumulate a new sandboxed user profile that appears as a total new aspect in the world of technology.

Go through the Technical Journals

If you really want to know the real features of the new Android L you can read the periodicals and the journals where you could explore the useful information regarding the new form of Android technology. So, you can get acquainted with the operations and would face any difficulty after you install the new technical suit. Pick up the ideal periodicals that depict the information on the particular topic and thus you are able to maintain a sophisticated technical milieu. Read the information carefully that helps you to gain adequate information about the new release Android L.

Know the New Design

Furthermore, you should get familiar with the new design that the Android L accumulates as the advanced operating system. So, if you are able to gather ample information on how the design will look like it could help you to install the feature in a better way. You can improve the overall functionality of your smart phone utilizing the new Android L that is yet to release. Once, it comes up you can experience the real time benefits that you can operate through your smart device incorporating the Android operating system along with the new format.

Final Views

Overall, the users are really excited to get the new Android L on their smart phones accompanied with the modern attributes that they can explore. Therefore, you can browse the optimistic views regarding the new release and the users wait to grab the opportunity. The Android L includes multiple useful features as revealed by the Android Authority. Therefore, you can understand that the entire world is preparing to welcome the new feature that would bring certain complete smart approaches for all the Android users. Moreover, Google is trying to put up a short overview on the features that the users would receive installing the Android L.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

All New Android L

Android L
Simplicity Redefined in the All-new Android L

The speculations are over as Google has finally announced the Android L, the latest version of the android operating system. The developer version is already available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 but some features are not included in it. Simply named as L, Google has not followed the general trend of naming this new version. Though they have maintained the alphabetical order, a lot confusion is mounting whether there will be yet another tie up with a company as it happened with Android ‘KitKat’.

Features to look out for
The excitement is rising and the expectations are high. Let’s take a look at the impressive features of this latest installation.
  • Android Runtime: The default runtime used in the previous versions of android is the ‘Dalvik’ virtual machine. Simply it is used to run applications on android devices. From the very beginning, the android operating systems faced a tough competition from the Apple’s iOS and later Windows Phone 8. The performance of Dalvik machine is a subject of question because after so many advancements the lag in android devices is still a major problem. So this time the Dalvik machine is replaced entirely with the Android Runtime (ART), which is said to be much faster than the Dalvik machine. The new ART can even support 64-bit processor. 
  • The Battery Saver: The most common problem among android devices is the battery performance. Every now and then, there is a complaint about the battery. So the Android L shows a lot of promise when it comes to battery. A new project called the ‘Project Volta’ can save a significant amount of battery.
  • The new UI: This time the design language has been given a complete new makeover. It is called ‘Material Design’. The new user interface is simple yet cool. The intuitive application interface makes it look livelier as much importance is given to shadow and depth. The lock screen is quite different from the previous versions. The Roboto font has been upgraded too.
  • Notification Tab: With the ‘useful notification’ or so as it called the notification tab has improved a lot in the latest Android L. Now you can easily organise your notifications according to your need. You will also be able to operate the notifications from the lock screen. That is you can manage each and every notification by double tapping itright from the lock screen and even swipe the notifications to close them. So the next time you if want to reply a message, you don’t need to unlock your phone.
Android L vs. KitKat
The android L is a lot different than the KitKat when it comes to design. The utility notification panel, the recently used apps in 3D tiles, the multi task lock screen, and the fluidic interface are totally different from the KitKat. The KitKat runs on the Dalvik Virtual Machine with an experimental ART provided which has been replaced totally by the ART in Android L. There is a demand for improved battery life in KitKat, which has been improved in Android L.

Just a few months wait, and the Android L will be available. The Android L shows a lot of promise in the developer version and it is a matter of time to see if it can live up to the expectations.