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Friday, 19 August 2016

Audi Vehicles to Talk to U.S. Traffic Signals in First for Industry

Audi Technology – Vehicles to Coordinate with Traffic Signals

Audi, the German manufacturer is developing a technology which would enable its vehicles in the United States to coordinate with traffic signals, permitting a more stress-free trip, which is said to be the first commercial use of the nascent technology in the car industry. Audi of America, owned by Volkswagen has handpicked 2017 Q7 and A4 models built after June 1, 2016 to be furnished with its vehicle-to-infrastructure technology.

Recognized as `V-to-I’, in the industry, the technology enables traffic signals together with the other infrastructure to interchange safety accompanied with other operational data, wirelessly to vehicles through the cloud. Ultimate applications of the technology that tends to continue for testing across the globe by manufacturers as well as transportation agencies would be beneficial in mitigating crashes thus dropping jamming on highways and roads.

Pom Malhotra, general manager of the connected vehicles division of Audi had commented that this is their foray into V-I and this is designed not as a safety feature but a comfort and convenience feature. Malhotra states that the system of Audi permits the vehicle to exhibit a countdown before a red light tends to turn to green and being aware of how much time one has before the light could change to green could relieve much of the apprehension of waiting.

Traffic Line Information – New Line of Ground-Breaking Connected Car

The countdown also tends to display on the dashboard if the vehicle decides that it would not be capable of making an approaching light before turning to red, to enable the drive to apply the brake. On waiting for the red light to turn to green, the display tends to disappear a few seconds before it turns to green, compelling the driver to be aware of the intersection and regulate when it is safe to go ahead, informs Malhotra.

Traffic light information seems to be the new line of ground-breaking connected car improvement by Audi. Audi had been the first manufacturer in 2010, to provide a broadband enabled vehicle and since then, Audi connect tends to continue to enlarge on its industry leading services and potentials. Towards 2014, it had been the first manufacture to provide 4G/LTE Broadband connectivity.

Planned partnership as well as proprietary scalable infotainment architecture has enabled Audi to constantly provide its customers with the latest in solutions to mobile connectivity. An executive has informed that the future applications of the technology could envisage it to be linked to the navigation system of the car or its stop/start roles.

Manufacturer’s Efforts to Leverage Technology

Another possibility is that the traffic signals could direct the vehicle to maintain a certain speed to match the flow of traffic lights. Audi intends to roll out the competence this year, in five to seven U.S cities with cities to be switched on one by one.

The company has not revealed which of the cities would be the first. The manufacturers of car have been making efforts to leverage technology inclusive of vehicle-to-vehicle communications – `V- to –V’, enabling vehicles to talk to each other, in order to decrease accidents and to improve overcrowding. Organizing such types of schemes could be challenging since both V-to-I and V-to-V technologies tend to need safe communication infrastructure as well as close assistance with municipalities together with transportation agencies.

 The President of Audi of America, Scott Keogh had stated that `continuous innovation in connected car services as well as advanced driver assistance systems which enriches and improves the customer experience is at the core of the Audi brand and our collective future.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Audi to Invest $29 Billion Through 2019 to Surpass BMW

From 2015 to the year of 2019, the well-known car manufacturer, Audi decides to expend 24 billion Euros, which is an increase of 2 billion Euros or 9 percent more than that of the former planning period. Its intention is to cross the rank of German challenger BMW. Seventy percent of the whole investment is intended for the expansion of latest models as well as equipments.

Audi tries to restrict the amount of stringent CO2 all over the world with a new generation of the special combustion engines and different efficiency technologies and new features in the parts of connectivity and also the driver’s assistance.

About the planned investment

Audi even plans to generate extra production capacities internationally in the next 5 years with a significant investment. And More than 50 % of the proposed investment will go on the German spots in Ingolstadt as well as in Neckarsulm.

Rupert Stadler who is the CEO of the Board of Management of this company, said that his industry is attempting to place the most priority on the issue of sustainable growth. For this reason, they are making large investments in the particular fields of electric car, lightweight construction etc to catch up the standard of BMW. The overall investment amount of 24 billion euro includes about 17 billion Euros of investment on the property and different tools and 7 billion Euros of costs of capitalized development.

In order to fulfill the considerable CO2 limits, the industry is giving effort not only on the new model of fuel-efficient gas and diesel engine, but even on some plug-in hybrids like the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron that became accessible in the first markets during the ending part of the year.

Different other programs for the future

The production works in Ingolstadt is now being organized for new models. A widespread rebuilding work will begin in Neckarsulm in the year 2015 with the intention of preparing the factory for the next model of the Audi A8 luxury car. The employees will also increase in regard to the investment in the major factories in Germany. During the earlier period of 12 months, this Audi has employed roughly three thousand new workers in Germany only.

Globally, the Audi Group’s workers have now increased to the record number of 80,000 workers. In Mexico as well as Brazil, this company is spending on new plants in order that it can wholly use the growth potential of the continent of America and even to become free of the exchange-rate changeability in the future.

The company started a training center to offer qualifications to fresh workers in San José Chiapa recently. In addition to this, 1,200 individuals who have already been hired, the company plans to deal with an additional 850 laborers in Mexico itself in next year. In the year 2016, the Audi Q5 will start the assembly lines.

Audi perhaps achieved the level of 1.7 million vehicles supplied in 2014. By the year 2020, the firm plans to be the most ideal brand on a sustainable basis.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Hydrogen Powered Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro Four Door Luxury Saloon

Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron Quattro
Audi – Progress Through Technology

Audi AG, a German automobile manufacturer is known for its designs, produces, markets, engineers and distribution of luxury automobiles as well as its overseas worldwide activities from its headquarters in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany.

The Audi brand vehicles are manufactured in nine production facilities all over the world. Audi has been a major owned – 99.55% subsidiary of Volkswagen Group right from 1966, which was followed by a phased purchase of Audi AG predecessor, Auto Union from Daimler-Benz. It was re-launched by Volkswagen with the Audi brand with the 1965 introduction of the Audi F103 series. Each of the four rings of the Audi logo represents one of the four car companies which banded together to form Audi’s predecessor company, Auto Union.

The company ethos and core belief – `Progress through Technology’ is what drives the development of every Audi vehicle. Right from driving clinics to picking up latest vehicle there are several ways an Audi lover could strengthen their connection to the brands which portrays the pinnacle of luxury performance.Audi is recognized for its awesome standards, uncompromising quality and relentless performances and though one may be associated with those qualities with this particular brand, the characteristics tend to describe the employees as well who have been instrumental in their contribution to the final design of the brand.

Sportiest Car in Luxury Segment

Audi inspires the revolutionary engineering and progressive design which has become synonymous with the Audi brand together with innovative solutions. The Audi is available for those who tend to enjoy the finer taste in life.

It stands for sportiness, lightweight design together with the quattro permanent all-wheel drive, according to the new chief designer, Marc Lichte. He further states that, `In the Audi prologue, we are expressing this know-how in a new form; we have put the sportiest car in the luxury segment on wheels.

Our team took new approaches in both exterior and interior design’.Audi’2014, Auto Show festivities in Los Angeles would be presenting the design concept on which the future models would be based and called the Audi `Prologue’,would be signalling a marked change in the brand’s design direction under Marc Lichte.

Some of Audi’s models are in the twilight of their production life cycles such as Audi’s A4, A5, A6, A7 and A8 resulting in Lichte having a difficult though a rewarding task ahead of shaping the Audi’s line-up of cars.

Technology Combination of Comfort/Efficiency/Power

Audi design would now be showing progressive technology in a more powerful manner where the two door coupe will be having a flowing elegant shape in a sporty as well as taut design. The architecture melds with display together with the operating concept creating a new kind of unit in the clear and unobstructed interior while the complete front area of the instrument panel has a large touch display with a portion of the user interface operating with a new kind of OLED display which is made of organic LEDs.

The show’s car technology is a combination of comfort, efficiency and power and the 4.0 TFSI provides up to 445 KW of power and 750 Nm of torque, accelerating the Audi prologue from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 sec. It has a dynamic all wheel steering wherein the rear wheels have the capabilities of turning up to five degrees, making it responsive as well as stable while driving.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

LED and solar tower, a tribute to Audi

During the festival of lights LEDs in Milan, an Italian architect has produced a tower concept, in homage to theGerman manufacturer Audi. Building a seemingly worthy of the brand with four rings.